What a week it's been.

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    On Monday of last week I started a new job at the same company I've been with for the last three years. I liked my other job, I was on the road, :crazydriver:I could pick my hours, I was in some kind of control. I was actually helping people I was a health care aid doing in-home assistance mostly for seniors. :grandpa::lady:It was stressfree, I enjoyed talking to the old folks, and it was all very close to home. I was well not happy but, I was content. Then they offered me this new position in the office full of stress, chained to a desk. On Tuesday, of this week, I told them I want my old job back I HATE working in the office. :smashcomputer:

    On Tuesday, I spoke to my son's bus driver as I was getting the van ready to go to work and she told me that on Monday night he had brought a piece of wood onto the bus, she didn't see him do it, for protection from another boy that rides with him. :warrior: The other boy and he have been like oil and water for quite some time. It was only a matter of time when the situation would escalate. :clubbing: My son has historically had busing problems and for the last year and a half he's been riding in a mini-van with just this other boy and one other boy that rides it in the afternoons. The mini-van was the solution after the big bus and the short bus were both fiascos. I guess my boy had decided he'd had enough and anyway to make a long story short, he was poking at the other boy with his stick and at some point decided it would be a great idea to just open the door of the moving vehicle and jump out. Okay, he's tried to jump out of a moving vehicle on more than one occasion but I was the driver those times and I'd reach over and whack the kid and give him what for. Let's just call the whack redirection it never hurt him but it gave him something else to focus on. The bus driver, I guess her children are easy child's, was shaking in her shoes over all of this. :ohmygod:

    I have been waiting to hear the word suspension but, I haven't. I did manage to finally get the bus situation changed, yet again. The other boy has been removed from the mini van and now my little :angel: is pretty much riding the bus on his own so, unless he has difficulty with himself this should work.

    This parenting business doesn't get a whole lot easier but, the episodes are further apart.
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    Congrats on getting the bus issue straightened out in such a short period of time.

    It's the end of April and I've been trying to get difficult child 1's bus situation fixed since the 2nd week of September!


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    Good job on the bus issue! Had to chuckle - having problems with himself.... LOL, I unfortunately can totally imagine *that* scenario. ;)

    Sorry the new job didn't work out but I'm glad you had the option to move back to the old one.

    And yes, absolutely, I don't think this path is *ever* going to get much easier but I certainly do appreciate that I only have to put out fires several times a year now as opposed to the bad old days when it was daily. Funny how we're *greatful* for only a few explosions a year, you know?
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    I'm sorry it's been such a rough week. Try to find some time to do something nice just for you this weekend!