What a Week!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tiredmommy, Oct 26, 2013.

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    We've had a hectic and difficult week here. :( Duckie's schedule after school included 3 volleyball games, 2 practices, 2 nights of dance and a student council meeting. Plus, she and a good friend still haven't patched things up from a fight 2 weeks ago. I had to drive her in to school one day because of the massive amount of stuff she had to bring in. My week hasn't been much better: last minute shopping trips for the renovation, running around for her activities and lastly, A gut wrenching trip to the vet with our 15 year old kitty who, as it turns out, will not be around much longer. :crying:

    The culmination of this week was that she burst into tears during her game yesterday when another player got snotty with her. :( She ended up skipping a birthday party last night because she is just done. :(
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    Poor thing sounds overwhelmed. Is there a way you can spend a low profile weekend. We are broke right now so we are staying home eating soup and watching netflix. It's to save money in our case but it also is going to provide us some down time we need.
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    Sounds like a horrible week. Hugs to both you and Duckie!
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    Thanks for the support.
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    Sorry I'm getting here late. I hope that you and Duckie have some time to unwind this week, that there aren't as many things on the schedule. I hope by now Duckie and her good friend are back to being good friends again. Girls can be so mean to one another. I think under the best of circumstances, middle school is one of the toughest times for kids.

    As far as your fur baby, I'm so sorry... When I lost a very special fur baby, a tiger cat, to cancer, the days right before we had to bring him to the vet for the final time were the hardest... I hope that when it's time for your kitty to cross over the rainbow bridge, he will not suffer. Instead, he will feel all the love you have for him, surrounding him, comforting him... that he will cross over that bridge peacefully... Hugs... SFR
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    Wow, that is a ton of activities! No one in this household would be able to do all that without some major meltdowns.