What a weekend! The good, the bad, and the inevitable ugly -

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    Well, the good part was mine and H's weekend getaway! We thoroughly enjoyed being alone away from the young adults and doggies. We held hands, laughed, canoed, went on the zipline and just relaxed. Funny how after years of getting up early, you STILL get up early when you don't have to! But our place was nice and clean and had a screened in porch where we had morning coffee and afternoon cold drinks (non-alcoholic for H). Anyway, just a nice time and just long enough.

    The bad news is that the day before we left I was put on antibiotics because I have Lyme's disease. Blech. Must be because the littlest dog sleeps in our bed. Anyway, I am thinking that perhaps the Lymes had more to do with my knee blowing up and being achy than the arthritis (can't decide which is better really-lol). Anyway, I am hoping that they caught it early enough that one round of antibiotics will get rid of it. I guess I have to get rechecked in a few weeks again, which works out because my cholesterol needs another screening in a few weeks also. Due to the antibiotics, I burned like nobody's business - ouch.

    The ugly part is my sister M in PA. I sent her an email to give her a head's up about my taking over my mom's financials as well as my canceling the debit card that she mishandled - though I didn't say anything about it. I simply told her what was what and that under the advice of our attorney, since Mom was moving up here to CT, those were the steps I must take. And I signed off real nice, with not even the slightest hint of what I knew about her mishandling mom's funds and using it to burn up the casinos, haha. Well, I received THREE - 3 - nasty emails from her. I mean, each worse than the last. It was stunning. As I was sipping my coffee on Monday morning in our nice vacation condo, I received her emails. I did nothing - no response. I really feel it's better to say nothing and just let her stew and shoot herself in the foot. In one email she went on a tirade about how I don't understand why she used the money the way it looks...I never asked her or brought up anything about her using money in any way, so she really must have panicked. I am thinking she went into the bank on Saturday and they told her I had requested the statements, etc., and her head nearly spun off her shoulders. Well, no response is better than arguing with a crazy person, right? I forwarded them to my local sister, T, and she was livid. But again, none of us are saying a word. We've (me, T, and sister S and brother E) made a vow to just move forward to care for mom in the way she needs. At some later point, T would like to have an intervention for M but I am not sure I want to be a part of that. I am doubtful that an intervention would help at this point. I really think she needs to hit her own bottom and perhaps this situation with my mom will be it.

    Anyway, back at work today and I am thankful that it's only today and tomorrow and then it's the weekend again. We're uncovering our pool this weekend, fun times. Haha.
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    Sorry about the family problems, Jo. Sort of going through the same things around here.

    But you HELD HANDS? And LAUGHED?

    I'm not graceful enough to get into a canoe. I see a drowned rat when I think of that, LOL. Again, zipline? no way. I would fall of somehow, LOL. Or get caught in a tree.

    I'm glad you got away for awhile. I hope that the antibiotics work fast.

    The weekend is close!

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    Overall sounds like a pretty good weekend! Hope you're feeling better soon, and that sister M just continues to be "far away"....