What an unexpected night - old schoolers alert!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Abbey, Feb 26, 2011.

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    when my son got out of prison two years ago, I felt I would stop being on the support forum for parents of prisoners. But truthfully, I had gotten so much support and learned so much from those folks, I felt I would give back with what I learned from my journey so I stayed on. Every day someone new comes along terrified about what they are facing with a kid going to prison. I can relate to that. Even after I left this forum to spend more time there, I would periodically come back here to the teens substance abuse forum to see if I could help here.
    I know many parents whose kids never stopped drugging, tragically, some went to their overdose deaths... some to prison, some in prison still buying drugs from kitchen help and guards with the money their parents scrimp to send them for toiletries. I do not know how to stop anyone from addiction. I only know how to remove myself from the madness, even if it causes me pain to do so-maybe I can help someone else to detach and live their own life without so much pain and mis-placed guilt. sometimes the trauma never stops. you have a lot of insight and hindsight to share. that is priceless. I will be forever grateful for you sharing your story of your son J.
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    J is still a work in progress. Can't change him at nearly 30...what can I say. Going to jail myself has opened my eyes BIG TIME as to what people go through in 'the system.' I don't wish upon anyone. Well, maybe a few. ;)
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    that is the key, you can't change anyone...only yourself. once you realize that you only have to decide how much you want to be involved in the life of an adult on a self-destruct downward spiral. jails and prisons are only holding tanks where people are treated like caged animals..making them act like caged animals in most cases.
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    It is awesome to hear from you again, Addie!!!! I am glad that you are still fostering - you are so amazing with the kids. I have thought about you often over the years.

    I knew about DRW, and about problems with meowbunny, but not that they were the same person. That whole situation was just bizarre to me.

    It is nice to hear about so many of the people who used to be here all the time. I am sorry about Kris' husband. My prayers are with her children. At least they had wonderful parents while they had them.
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    Good to hear from Did-I.
    I'm another who didn't know about DeeRW/Meowbunny. I don't think I was that invested in the site when she was here. I was definitely not a mod then. Sad situation.

    I didn't realize Kris's husband had died either. I hope her kids are doing well. If I recall correctly, her daughter was going to school when she passed and was doing well, right?
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    Svenghandi.............I've been here since 1999, too. What other names have you gone by?

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    How great to "see" some of you again ! I arrived here in early 2001. It's hard to believe it's been 10 years !

    So many of you helped hold my hand during some of the darkest times with my difficult child and for that, you will each always hold a special place in my heart.

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    Ah, familiar names....... Abbey I know the feeling of not wanting to take on any more pain, frustration of others...... ant'smom, I think of you and wonder how your grandson is doing........ so many stories, thanks for the walk down memory lane.......
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    Suz -

    I think I used to be Musicmom (or MusicMom - there was one of each and I can't remember. Of course, only my daughter still plays any instruments) and for awhile I was mom5 or 5mom or something like that. I had to pick a new name when the board converted the last time and I picked Svengandhi, which is what oldest boy called himself in his Buddhist phase (you, as a fellow Richard Gere fan, should appreciate that).
  10. Suz

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    I remember your old names! :)

    As for Richard..............when we get married, talking will not be a high priority. :angel:

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    my grandson is 7 and in first grade, reads me bedtime stories instead of the other way around. he is a nice lil man-long and lean, loves legos. He has been thru so much in his life so far. I have been blessed so many times to know him. thanks so much for thinking of us.