what are the odds.......her hamster died!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Jan 28, 2008.

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    oh man, what are the odds.....i bribed the little one on friday last week to ger her out of door and to school that id get her a hamster. she went with her dad this weekend and from what i heard spend the weekend obsessing about it.

    she woke her dad up every morning before the sun came up to ask how many more hours till sunday night so she could get her hamster. it was all she could talk about. he couldn't take it anymore (typical) so wound up dropping her of a little earlier than normal.

    so we go to petco she picks it out we get the perfect cage, etc. 100 bucks later.......we get it home she's thrilled spend smost fo the night playiing with it. then at bedtime she says to me is it going to die tmrw? we've had alot of pet deaths.....i say no honey it''s not like a goldfish.

    ok i wake up at 6 am to her in my rm. hysterical crying.......the hamster died during the night. what are the odds of that happening? i don't have any luck.

    so now here we are mon. morning which is usually rough i'm still in pajamas she's upset ther'es a dead hamster in cage which needs to be buried.

    i'm thinking of keeping her home today ihaven't done that in forever, hence keep pushing her in motto. to keep her home and go back to petco and get another one. i have to bury this thing in back yard clean entire cage out to get rid of dead hamster disease...!!

    can you imagine??? poor little thing was so excited about it


    p.s. good morning and yup i've had my coffee wouldn't be able to deal otherwise.

  2. daralex

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    Hi Jen,
    I'm SOOO sorry!!! That's awful!! I had a hamster that died and I still remember the feeling. My daughter actually had 32 of them at one time!!! All I can say is try to get one from a different store or one from a different tank than the one you got, just in case! If you're able to keep her home today than why not - she won't be concentrating on school today anyway! So sorry!!!!!
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    Jen - I swear to the powers that be, you're just walking around with a dark cloud over your head!!!

    Take my advise, be kind, caring and loving and supportive and when she can't see you, you've just got to laugh. Not at the fact that the hamster died, but that you're going to beat this string of problems that have been haunting you.

    Time for a "mental vacation". Get some relaxing bath stuff together, a good book, quiet music and take that "free vacation" in the tub that you deserve.

    Make sure you keep your chin up! I keep both of mine as high as I can!

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    sh*t what is it?? LOL......i'm sitting in her bed while she looks for a box to bury it there is a black cloud......it's kinda funny in a sick and twisted sort of "let me take a xanax" way..:)

    my boss has been telling me for about 2 years now i have a black cloud, maybe i could have an exorcism done?? LOL

    hope my black cloud doesn't transfer onto my kids. some people leave their kids money, etc i'll leave them my cloud!!

    ok so i know boyfriend won't agree but who cares i'm keeping her home i have to disinfect entire cage and hold burial then get to petco and buy another. what i'd really like to do is stuf the dead *** up someone's ***** at petco. ahhhh felt better. boyfriend said honey you can't do that. these things happen. i was like listen buddy if i could i would.

    ugh Jen

    no bubble bath for me today
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    You might want to talk to Petco about the hamser dying - many pet stores have a guarantee about their pets living for a set amount of time. You might have to take the dead hamster in with you though... Obviously there wassomething wrong with the poor little thing :( Your poor daughter, she must be terribly upset. Just make sure she knows that it wasn't her fault.
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    Back in late 70s I used to raise hamsters mice and gerbils for pet stores. Never had difficulties- they were so hardy then. Goodness sakes how quickly 2 would become 20 and so on, LOL.

    My easy child went awhile back and got herself a mouse.....from a huge chain petstore. She dropped a bundle of $$. The store helped her get everything they said she needed for this little furry bundle of joy. THe next morning, it lay in the cage, non breathing. Back to petstore she went- to get a refund, and or a new pet.....and to complain. What a mess! The store first said she was not old enough to have bought it -she was only 17, not 18. Then they said she killed it! How? THey said the bedding material she used was toxic to mice? She said hey wait- YOU bundled up the things you said I needed, YOU Gave me that bedding! Becuz she had a pet die they refused to permit her to get another from their store, saying she was negligent. HUH? She came home in tears- husband went to the store and gave them "what for" He also came home with full refund for EVERYTHING she purchased there.
    When I raised small critters, I did not use bedding material, I used glass aquariums with screened tops. I cannot ever remember- but one type- either pine or cedar? I think one of those is toxic to small critters? ALso fresh fruit and vegs in toolarge amounts can also give diareeah? And yes, the critters can also have respiratory problems from the pet store or the breeder- or other illness.
    I am so sad for your child. THat had to be so difficult! HUGS!
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    hi dead hamster update............

    we were going to bury then boyfriend said hey you know petco has their own special place to bury them (clearly keeping me from shovel) i appreciated this most clever deception on his part. she seemed quite satisfiedwith that......so off we went dead hamster in playdough container....LOL.....yes only thing i could find. :)

    they fought with me i told them off. hence got another non sick hamster and replacement water bottle for pretty pink cage i bought and left....:)

    she's so cute she read in her book that i bought her all the symptoms of signs of illness she wrote them up in detail and brought them to the store so that when we looked at new ones she knew what to look for.. so smart of her.

    needless to say i'm sure this will add to the daily anxiety somewhat of wondering if she'll wake up to find "pepper" dead.

    she handled it well though.

    thanks for your thoughts.........
  8. jannie

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    Something is going on with Petco and their hamsters. Last month we got three different hamsters from Petco and all three were dead during a two week time period. They all died from "wet tail." I'm surprised Petco gave you a hard time...They made us sign a yellow piece of paper which explained pet care and it came with a 14 day guarantee. After three died...we just gave up. difficult child was so upset because he spent his own money on purchasing the cage, food, etc...and now he just has an empty cage.

    I hope this one survives....if not return again to Petco:sad-very:

    Sending hugs
  9. dreamer

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    Yup, Petco is where we went, too.
    Still blows me away THEY gave her known toxic bedding for hers, and that they tried to blame her for the demise of the pet. :-(- dumb thing did not even live 12 hours.
  10. jenn4anthony

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    NO!!! My husband got a hamster for our son from Petco, too! WOW...very strange.
  11. PersonalEnigma

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    I'm glad that you managed to get a new one. Here's hoping this one stays healthy!
  12. 2junebugs

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    Oh. Poor girl! How sad. I hope you find a new one that stays around a bit longer!