What are you doing this weekend?


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We are going camping on the beautiful Gasconade River and the weather looks to be perfect.

I will be on my "colonoscopy diet" but it seems that hot dogs and hamburgers are on the list(as long as there are no veggies on them), so I am going to be OK.

Anyone else want to share?


Nothing exciting.. Participating in our Community yard sale, and one of my 16 yr old boys is going to His first Homecoming Dance with a date.


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That is exciting, mof

Homecoming is special, I have fond memories!

I love garage sales, though I hardly ever make it to one, at least lately.


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Gasconade River

Really? That's like maybe an hour from me! Are we neighbors?

Let me see...Jabber is going hunting. I have the church fellowship snacks Sunday, so I'll be baking, etc. I have a reputation for making the next few weeks people look like they don't try hard enough. LOL! Right now, I'm thinking two types of banana and pumpkin bread. tortilla roll-ups, maybe some summer sausage and cheese and crackers - or hummus and pita chips? Cookies, of course...and maybe something fancy and decadent - like flourless chocolate cake with raspberries. And hot apple cider.


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Yum Lil!

Every Friday it's wine, laundry and Dateline! LOL

We are going to Haunted Hallows event in our town with friends on Saturday. Have never been to it but our friends like it so we'll give it a try.

Sunday going to my son's apartment so husband can help him hang two very heavy mirrors over their couch (hopefully straight LOL) in their new apartment then taking them to brunch.


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Tomorrow possibly meeting friends after work for drinks but if not we'll just hang here and do takeout for dinner . Saturday we're having friends over for food, drinks and a nice backyard fire. Sunday I'm not doing anything except reading and relaxing!!


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Wow, Lil, the food sounds great!

A relatively has a few hundred acres of beautiful wooded riverfront land not too far from Waynesville.

We may get land there some day, because it is so much cheaper than Iowa! Retirement, maybe.

Tanya M

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As of tomorrow after work, I'm on vacation for a week!
Hubby asked what fun things are we going to do so I told him; we are going to clean out the basement and clean our closets. Oh you can imagine the look he gave me!

@Lil , all that baking sound wonderful. You'll have to share your recipe for the flourless chocolate cake.


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No plans yet, but the weather will be just about perfect - high 70's. There's a street fair on Sunday that we may go to, but nothing definite.


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LOL craziness here.

Tonight I'm picking up Rose from my parents then taking her, Belle, Wyatt, and Charlie to the grocery store. Then home, laundry... Tomorrow Rose has an extra swimming lesson so I'll take her to that, then Sunday is her birthday party. Whew...


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Well, they won the first game last night, and I'm watching the beginning of the 2nd game now. The first game was positively wild. Hard fought and as wild as a game at Wrigley with the wind blowing out can be.

Right now, the Cubbies are ahead 1-0.


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Correction to previous post. Cubbies are BEHIND 1-0. It's the 7th inning and they are still behind 1-0. Not their fault, they are facing phenomenal pitching on the Dodger's part.

They came back late yesterday, so i'm not giving up hope yet. Arietta pitches tomorrow night in LA, so we'll see. I'm far from throwing my hands up in despair yet.

I'm just hoping that if our Cubs tie it, it doesn't take them until 3 AM to win it.


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Aaaand....Cubbies lost 1-0. Phenomenal pitching on Kershaw's part, and a phenomenal closing job by a young pitcher who will remain anonymous because I forgot his name.

Lack of offense on the Cub's part was concerning despite the pitching, as was a rally they blew. Leaving men on base has been sadly "traditional" for the Cubs for many, many years.

They play the 3rd in LA tomorrow with Arietta pitching, we'll see what happens. To win this thing, they've got to start producing.


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We are watching the Cubs, too.

My hubby is so invested in them winning, I think he will be crushed if they don't at least win this series.

We will definitely be watching on Saturday!


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My husband is in Florida with Difficult Child and oldest son and they will be watching tomorrow. It is husband's birthday too so I hope they win! He is a Sox fan but excited for the Cubs.

I am making stuffed peppers tomorrow for a few girlfriends. I have had such a taste for them....