What are your favorite scents for soaps?


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Janet, just a thought about using oils from the grocery store. PLEASE don't even think of using peanut oil! More and more children are developing serious, even life threatening allergies to peanut products. Even the small amount in soap could send an allergic child like my grandson to the hospital. And just because they never reacted to it before doesn't mean they won't get a serious reaction the very next time. My grandson is one of those kids who has an immediate and serious reaction and cannot breathe. His parents know to check all the ingredients in the food they buy and to ask in every restaurant before they order, but I doubt if even they would think about peanut oil possibly being in soap.


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Oh I would never use peanut oil. For one thing it is fairly expensive. Olive oil is cheaper! I can actually use crisco which has palm oil in it which is very good for soap making. I could use crisco to make a vegan soap. I am not going to lay out a ton of money for specialty oils at first. Maybe one day I can use avocado oil and all those things but not right now. I have no clue how one gets the oil out of one of those anyway! LOL I may try goats milk at some time.

I found someone who did a liquid chocolate castile soap which actually sounds divine to me but liquid castile soap is quite hard to do. Its much easier to grate a bar of Kirks Castile soap...lol.

One other thing I have found that simply doesnt work for me like it seems to work for all the people on blogs and pinterest is making my own body wash out of bars of soap. I get this goopy, snot-like consistency.

Im thinking of doing that though, dying it green and bottling it in a pump bottle and calling it Monster Snot soap for boys...lol