What could this be?

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    Duckie should have had a nice day. She had plans with a friend to go to the mall (with-the friend's mom and little sister) to shop and hang out. Duckie was looking forward to it and was perfectly fine this morning. Her eyes were a little puffy, but that's normal for a kid that's so allergic at this time of year. I reminded her to take her medications and that was it. They left here around 11:15 and I got a text from the mom about an hour later that she was bringing Duckie home because she had a very bad headache (that's unusual for Duckie).

    She got here a few minutes later. She was very pale with dark circles under her eyes with almost a greenish tint to her skin. She wasn't home five minutes before she started to complain about her stomach hurting and vomited profusely. She was very tired afterward.

    The mom said they had went into one store with a very strong odor, then the next store was pretty bright with loud music playing. She took Duckie outside and had her sit down, but she didn't feel better.

    Could this be a migraine?

    She's been feeling a bit better and even wants to eat now (complaining that she's starving), though her head still hurts a little and her color still isn't right. And, if it is a migraine, do I take her the family doctor before the neurologist? Do I have to take her soon or should I wait to see if it happens again?
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    Sounds like food poisoning.

    It could be a migraine. Just start keeping a diary of what happened, the weather (VERY IMPORTANT) , what she ate, and the reactions. (vomiting, fever) How her head feels = DId it hurt on one side? Front? Back? B

    oth......There used to be a store called SPENCERS in the mall - that had incense and strobe lights - to this day if I see strobes I can pass out cold. Incense of certain scents makes me nauseated. But nothing makes me pale. That's what makes me think it was possbly a flu bug or food poisoning.

    A neurologist may tell you to keep a headache diary and will probably NOT put her on any medication without a headache diary.

    ALSO -

    If you pack her head in ICE - does it help? And put her in a totally dark and quiet place.

    SOMETIMES - some people with migraines need HEAT - not ice - SO maybe a heating pad on her head I need immediate ICE packs by the bucket fulls....(my head feels like my brain is on fire and swelling) bad description but the neurologist said he understood. I have two ice packs and DF wraps them in handkerchiefs and I use those disposable ice packs and a soft pillow - take a Relpax and usually just try to lay perfectly still in a dark room -
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    It sounds like a migraine to me. I'd wait and see before calling a doctor, especially since she has improved.

    Ah, yes, Spencers. :) Makes me crazy.

    Both of my kids, when they were in strollers (one neurotypical, one Aspie) screamed their heads off when I went into Hallmark. I think it was because of the fluorescent lights. No other store made them scream like that. But they never threw up because of it. Then again, they weren't as old as Duckie.

    Let us know how she is tomorrow.
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    Star~ Strange, I automatically put her to bed, closed the curtains and had her hold a wrapped ice pack to the back of her neck. The pain was pounding and pressure on the left side (behind her temple). It felt like a vise. The headache started about five minutes after leaving the icky stores.

    Terry~ Walmart has always set Duckie off... just another reason to avoid it. ;)
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    If they were in a mall, there is one particular clothing store which shall remain unnamed (starts with an 'A') that caters to younger people. This chain is known for their overpriced clothing and for pumping so much fragrance into the air in their stores that it's hard to breathe in there! You can smell this store long before you get there! I'm not usually that sensitive to scents but I didn't last even a minute in there! My eyes were burning, my head was hurting, my stomach was churning and I could hardly breathe! I went out and sat on a bench till my son came out again. He bought a shirt in there and there was still so much of that scent clinging to that shirt, even through the bag, I made him put it in the trunk on the drive home! If it did that to me, I can only imagine the affect it would have on someone as sensitive and as allergic as Duckie is! I think there are other stores that do that too but they're the worst.
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    Don't worry, Donna, she didn't go into Abercrombie. Or Hollister. :rofl:
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    Sounds like a migraine to me. Weeburt used to get them. Dark circles, looking like death warmed over, and he very consistently would start throwing up horribly within about 20 mins of onset of headache. Would throw up for hours, sleep a bit, and then have more of a head *ache* (not headache) but otherwise be okay. Changes in barometric pressure really set him off. He was on cyproheptadine for about 2 years as a daily prophylactic, and was given Imitrex for prn use (which we never had to use, thank goodness). Our wonderful neuro said that the key is in getting the attacks to stop because they tend to be cyclical - migraine pain begets more migraine pain. Wee hasn't had one in about 3 years now (knock wood).

    Wee actually started out with- an abdominal variant (massive scary vomiting for hours) when he was in K - he didn't get his first headache type migraine until he was in 5th grade.

    Diva has had a couple as well - same thing. Headache followed quickly by the vomiting. I was actually watching her extra closely because she had a run of 3 migraines that coincided with the same place in her cycle. Fortunately, that seems to have settled down and she also hasn't had one in abut a year.

    I personally would hold off on taking her into an MD - it's over and not sure 1 episode warrants prophylaxis. on the other hand - with her history.... you're probably better on making that call.

    Hope she's feeling better, poor thing.

    ETA: Last time Wee felt one coming on was during 8th grade trip to Springfield, and of course he had no access to medications. Per neuro's suggestion, he had a cup of coffee. Worked like a charm. When he was having them frequently, I made sure to keep Coke in the house for the caffeine.
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    That's migraine. Put another icepack ON TOP of her head (on the crown) put a pillow on top of it to hold it there. There are several migraine medications that help get rid of the migraines.....I'm actually a complete believer in Chiropractic FIRST....to have your body aligned before trying all the medications. When my body is aligned? I feel so much better and things flow - correctly. I'm very out of whack. (NO COMMENT - ) but chemically I'm imbalanced for whatever reason and I take a high dose of Topamax. It's an anti-seizure medicine. I've tried every single migraine medicine and none worked, some made it worse. One put me in the hospital. So when I got to a neurologist with my migraine trigger diary - I couldn't see a pattern - but the N did. He said periods, weather, smells. lights.......and stupid people. (not kidding about the last one). Stress is a killer - but not from things like other people get tense from - Mine was idiot boss, idiot son, Idiot Governors Continuum of Care......therapist that wasn't listening. (you know stupid people) After the topamax I also got Relpax because sometimes I get what I can only tell you is Wha-Wha brain. My brain feels like it's going wha wha wha wha (jiggly feeling) ----and hot...OMG its so hot. Then it feels like it's swelling....If the topamax didn't do it that day? Relpax usually helps - On those days? It's usually bad weather coming. He demonstrated the effect with a soda can and a bunsen burner. It was awesome. So in essence what I describe IS happening. The replax makes you tinkle out the headache. If that doesn't work? Then I'm on my way to the ER. My BiPolar (BP) is up over the 210's usually - and I can't talk - I look like a Mastiff, can't walk, can't see. I just hurt - badly. At some point it feels like you'd drill holes in your head to relieve the pressure. (not kidding again).

    DF came up with the packing my entire head in ice idea - and it's a life saver. Another thing - I stay away from caffeine as much as possible except for AM coffee - but sometimes I'll down a cup of coffee - and I was taking straight caffeine syrup. The Excederine Migraine pills helped - BUT it defeats the purpose of getting OFF caffeine. If she has migraines you'll need to wean her OFF all caffeine. It's not her friend. For right now until she sees a doctor? Maybe a coke will help. But only temporarily. It's not a cure at all. And that liquid caffeine (Well let me tell you - you'd lick a skunk to get the taste of it out of your mouth it's that nasty) but it worked quick. Also temporary fix.

    You'll just have to see what her triggers are. OH - ASK your pharmacist for a booklet called - MIGRAINE diary - they usually have one. If not - see if www.topamax.com has one. They won't give her topamax at her age...and without trying other things first....but it has a lot of helpful info.

    Hugs to the Duck and her Mummy. I feel forher so badly. There's also some herbs out that are supposed to be good for it - butterwort and I think feverfew - but I had no luck with either. Just more reading and again for a child? Not a likely source of help - not a lot of feedback on any of it.
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    Now that I think about it, I once had an episode exactly like that - massive headache followed by vomiting. And it turns out that it was from coming OFF of caffeine very quickly! I usually drink a lot of coffee in the morning and have at least one caffeinated soft drink during the day. Then one weekend I went to visit one of my cousins and all she had was soft drinks without caffeine, and I didn't realize that the coffee she made was decaf too. It started gradually and ended up feeling like the worst sinus headache I've ever had, then the vomiting came on very quickly. Caffeine (or the lack of caffeine) can do some very strange things.
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    Duckie doesn't get a lot of caffeine, a little chocolate now and then and a 1/4 cup of coffee in the morning if she's in the midst of a bad asthma episode. She seldom even drinks iced tea or hot tea unless it's decaf.
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    Another thing that sounds weird that can help - Have her breathe into her hands. Sometimes the carbon monoxide from my own exhaling is calming. LIke breathing into a paper bag? Sounds doofy but it's calming.

    Just deep, calm breaths.......I can't explain why this works - an ER nurse told me to try it - and it helps. I thought she was making fun of me.....or just making me look silly - but it worked.
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I forgot - the eyes - the sallow look - THAT was Dude when he was little too - and the vomiting. He had BAD cluster headaches.

    He still gets them - but not nearly as bad - he has to avoid certain foods. My food is McDonalds Hamburgers. I eat one - and WHAM - instant migraine. (also instant love handle)
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    No fever?

    I'm asking because we have a bug going around that is fairly nasty and the symptoms are similar.

    If no fever then it sounds like a migraine. I rarely get one. If I stay around strong odors that bother me.......I pay for it later, especially if I don't have a way to nip it in the bud before the intense pain hits.

    Hope she feels better soon.

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    Yep, no fever. But I did find out that several kids from her school have had similar symptoms, but some with high fevers and others with sore throats. Headache and vomiting are the common denominators.
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    The headache on one side is classic. Since other kids have the same symptoms, it's possible she could have a bug, and it weakened her system so that it was easier to trigger a migraine. You're doing all the right things.
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    In either case... two "food" items that are good for both upset tummies and for migraines are...
    - peppermint - such as herbal tea, for example
    - ginger - needs to be relatively strong, but can be anything from "travellers candy" (ginger in a sugar base) to "candied ginger" (really, REALLY strong ), to some forms of ginger tea (I find it too strong but K2 likes it)...
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    More and more stores are pumping fragrance, it can be very overwhelming. I agree that it may have been a migraine that was set off by the fragrance and lights. Plus, this being the highly allergic season...it's very possible! I hope she feels better quickly.
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    I took her into the dr this morning since, apparently, strep is going around her school and the kids have it with headache and vomiting. Test came back negative, but she does have a small amount of fluid build up behind her left ear (no sign of an actual infection though). So she'll spend the day at home resting and reading and pushing fluids. She still doesn't look quite right (coloring and and allergic shiners) and her head still hurts a little. :(