What did she do to me?

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    Okay, I consider myself a "tough old bird", but had to get a blood draw for cholesterol check. I stuck out my arm, held it still, I really don't get too shook up about giving blood, she got her sample and said oh, you may get a bruise.....I was thinking about a nickel size bruise might show up, but this bruise is a whopper....It is about the size of a baseball and starts at the crease of my elbow(where she "stuck" me) and goes practically all the way around to my elbow....

    I have never had this happen before and the funny thing was she was showing a "trainee" how to take blood. I was worried the trainee was going to stick me, but the experienced nurse did it......

    Should I be worried about the bruising or is this pretty common?????:nurse::holymoly::surprise:
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    :please:I can't even speak! Hahaha :tongue:

    :nurse:Bad phlebotomist!

    I have had the bad bruising and the not so bad bruising...and I was told if your phlebotomist is an "expert" then it has more to do with YOU when it bruises badly. Drink lots of water to puff up your veins (ugh, getting dizzy...) and help them heal.
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    Sometimes you'll get slight or no bleeding other times you'll get a whopper! My husband gave blood (he's a rare blood type so they'll actually call the house when there's a shortage!) and he actually bruised from wrist to elbow...not a good draw!

    It's just a little leakage around the vein. Not something to worry about. If it gets worse after a few days you might want to check with your regular doctor, but it's not usually something to be concerned with (as long as you're not taking anti-coagulants - such as coumadin, heparin, etc.). You'll also bleed more if you're on an aspirin regimin.

    Take care!

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    Years ago, I had to have a lot of blood work, often, and I always bruised terrrribly. It always bruised all the way around and from 2-3" above elbow down to wrist.
    Sems the needles they use now are smaller or maybe they just do a better job, I bruise far less now. Sometimes I do not bruise at all. SOmetimes I get more bruise from the band aid or tape they tape a cotton ball otnto me than from the needle stick, itself.

    Yes, being very well hydrated before blood draw helps. So does the pressure applied right after (why they tape a cotton ball to you- so they do not have to put the pressure for a min or 2)
    Sometimes you might feel a tiny tiny little lump inside, too, and you also mght get a larger area of bruising tomorrow or next day or so....but it is not anything to be alarmed about.