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    Someone awhile back said something about how they only bring the "bad" things about their difficult child here. Some people share the good and the bad but I thought it might be fun, if not interesting, if people would share what they think is GOOD about their difficult child's. What are their strengths? What are their good qualities? What do they have going for them?

    difficult child 1 is very inquisitive. He likes to figure out how things work or why things do what they do. He's actually pretty good at it. That is where he has excellent analytical, problem-solving skills.

    difficult child 2 is very compassionate. He cares a great deal about others and will go out of his way to make others happy.
  2. AnnieO

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    Jett always wants to make others smile.

    Onyxx loves to hug people...
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    husband (the biggest difficult child I have) is very loyal. He gives 110% of himself. At the beginning of our marriage he was losing his hair (in circle patches) he was trying so hard. He changes his behavior (it does take years, but he does it). He trusts me to do what is right for the kids even if I'm not in a good place myself.

    difficult child 1 is very creative and smart. His perceptual reasoning is in the genius range. He can see a 3-d problem and figure out how to work it in his mind. He was doing algebra in his head in 1st grade. He is a great reader. He wants to be good. He can work very hard and fast (when motivated.) He loves his siblings.

    difficult child 2 is happy. He has a great smile. He held my hand today on the way to church even though I grouched at him getting ready for church. He tries to be nice. He is also very smart and has taught himself to read (mostly). He reads everything he can get his hands on.

    difficult child 3 is my snuggle bear. He loves hugs. He is also very social (compared to the other difficult children, but is still not as social as the pcs). He has friends in his class at school. Other little boys are just drawn to him. He will play with his sisters.

    easy child 1 has a big heart. She tries to take care of everyone; as long as they don't touch her baby dolls:) She wants to help around the house. She is fearless when it comes to standing up to her brothers. She can get through to husband when he is in his own world and no one else can reach him.

    easy child 2 is a mama's girl. She follows me around and copies me. She also copies easy child 1. She wants to be the baby, but she isn't jealous of easy child 3. She just wants there to be two babies. She will share (under the right circumstance) with her siblings.

    easy child 3 is the light of my life right now. His big smile gets me through the day. He smiles all the time at everyone. Just a few weeks ago he had an ear infection. He was smiling at the nurses and the dr. even though he was in pain.

    Thanks for starting this thread TeDo. I really needed the reminder today (which is why I included all the kids instead of just the difficult children.)
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    Son is very creative, especially with his 3D modeling animation stuff. He's got a natural charm that ppl are attracted to.

    DD1 is beautiful and talented. She has a gift for the written word, both prose and poetry. She can be sweet kind and generous person.

    DD2 also has a natural charm and is intelligent and insightful. She is a very loving and considerate friend.
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    #1 is my personal hero, and his love of life and constant good mood is contagious.

    #2 is so talented in the creative arts and so smart that as she says, shes "dorktastic" and that truly says it all.

    and there isnt a mean bone in either of them...both are kind and would never intentionally hurt anyone.

    i'm proud of both of them.
  6. Malika

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    J has lots of qualities and strengths - none of which, alas, occupy my energy, interest and time as much as his difficulties and problems :sigh:
  7. Wiped Out

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    My difficult child's empathy is amazing and one of his biggest strengths. His sense of humor is another strength and he is even able to laugh at himself.
  8. SuZir

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    My difficult child is very resilient. He doesn't give up. He is talented and intelligent, can be also very witty and he is capable to think deeply. He can be loving and thoughtful. He is also very, very passionate and intense, while double edged sword, I have to admire that.
  9. AnnieO

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    I like the idea of including PCs - so for Raven - he is one of the most polite teenagers I've ever had the pleasure to know!
  10. crazymama30

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    difficult child is polite (when I am not there). I get compliments all the time. He likes to help, and to have a purpose. He loves his family more than anything.

    easy child is smart, and wise beyond her years. She is more understanding than a lot of teens.
  11. tiredmommy

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    Duckie is one tough cookie and is willing to give her all to meet her goals (even if she drives me bonkers in the process). She also will take a stand for the underdog.
  12. DammitJanet

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    Good thread. We do this from time to time and it is always interesting what people have to say!

    Billy is as honest as the day is long. You couldnt beg that child to break a rule or the law or even cuss. So unlike Cory...lol. But he still adores his brothers.

    Jamie has always been his father's child who could do no wrong. He picked his goals early in life and had the perseverance to stay to course. He seems to have selective amnesia about his childhood which I guess is a good thing.

    And Cory is my baby. I dont know if anyone knows the country song called The Baby but that pretty much sums it up. One of the lines in it says "well that one is kinda crazy, but that one is my baby." He loves me so much and he is really good with kids. He wants to be a good person. The other day we were riding home from the doctor and a woman's car and broken down in the middle of a busy road and all the other cars were just zipping by her. He made me stop so he could get out and see if he could help her. Now we all know he has a really bad back but he got her to put the car in neutral and he pushed that car over 100 yards over to an intersection so she could get it off the main road. About the time he got it turned, another man came running over to help but by then she had started down hill...lol. I was so proud of him because that just shows that he really does want to be good to his fellow man. He knows it could be me out there.
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    Well, anything I could tell you today about difficult child would have to be rewritten tomorrow, because he's changing THAT fast these days. And the stuff I can't tell you - because it would be too identifying - is the stuff that is knocking socks off everybody else around us, including teachers.
  14. My difficult child is:

    hysterically funny with an adult's wit and timing

    extremely intelligent

    tough as nails

    advocate for the underdog

    loyal and protective

    affectionate and loving

  15. buddy

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    Q is a survivor.
    He never quits trying.
    He is funny though he doesn't always know he's being funny...lol.
    He loves his family and dog.