What do you do with your ears?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. DDD

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    I know that sounds silly but my ears feel "strange". I am not in pain, have no drainage etc. but I am "aware" of my ears alot. As a bonus thought at my last medical exam I asked the Dr. to check my ears and he said "I'm going to refer you to the ENT because they look odd inside and I don't know what it is"

    So...I a couple of weeks ago I drive out of town to the ENT and he says "Why did Dr. X send you?" I replied my ears feel "strange", lol. He checked them out. He said "Didn't your Mother ever tell you not to put anything smaller than your elbow in your ears?" He vacuumed them and suggested I put a little cortisone cream on the outside.

    My ears still feel "strange". Sometimes they feel just a little itchy. Sometimes they feel a little full, for lack of a better description. I feel like grabbing a Qtip with alcohol. Bozo no no, I guess. Do any of you have minor ear issues? It's bugging me. DDD
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    I have a 'weird' feeling ear, too. It is almost impossible to describe. Some days I just have to rub it until that feeling goes away. It is also the ear I have a slight loss of hearing in. I had it checked many years ago and it was a ear drum issue. Something about it pointing the wrong way.
  3. hearts and roses

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    Up until recently, my ears never bothered me. I bought an ear cleaning kit because I thought I had excess wax buildup, but I'm thinking I will see an ENT for a cleaning out.

    I'm sorry you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps a second opinion?
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    Hi DDD. I have NO specialist knowledge about ears... so with that reassuring proviso, I just wanted to say that the doctor at ENT sounds a bit strange (as doctors often are). I have never heard such an adage... putting Q tips right inside the ear, yes, that is obviously dangerous but in the outer ear? Sometimes my ears feel sort of full too, and I clean them with a Q tip and they feel better. Don't want to gainsay a medical professional but....
  5. Hound dog

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    Inner part of the ear should be cleaned with a warm wet washcloth over your finger. Good results without much fear of damaging the eardrum.......best done at the end of a shower when the warm water has had ample time to soften the wax. Or you could just let some warm water run into your ear then tilt your head and let it drain back out again. But I've found the washcloth does the trick. I've never used a Q tip on the inner part of the ear and I won't.......that cotton frays off.

    I have a buzzing on and off in my left ear that drives me crazy, especially if I'm trying to go to sleep. I have a feeling it's blood pressure related as I'm running super high of late.
  6. DDD

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    I've know of people who put alcohol in their inner ear (use to be common for swimmers) and others who put hydrogen peroxide in their ears. Have no idea if that would help or hurt. I have sensitive hearing so sure don't want to do anything to damage that. Right now a rake sounds good, lol. DDD
  7. PatriotsGirl

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    So weird to see this post! I have been having major issues lately. I have been deaf in one ear and it has been driving me nuts. I went to CVS and bought the wax clean out kit and am finally feeling relief after there treatments. I think I pushed wax down with a qtip...
  8. DDD

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    That's exactly what the ENT says happen if you use Qtips. on the other hand, I did not have an abnormal amount of wax and it was a quick vacuum process. Weird. It's only been two weeks so I'm assuming it isn't wax buildup because I have "so good" about avoiding self cleaning, lol. DDD
  9. InsaneCdn

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    You can put a drop or two of pure olive oil in... if there is any wax, it softens it, and generally soothes any irritated skin.
  10. DammitJanet

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    I am awful about using qtips. My ears constantly itch. Oddly enough, the baby has a ton of wax coming out but I told Mandy not to use a qtip on the baby and just use a wash cloth on her and if it was really bad to wash her ears out with warm water and the little bulb syringe gently when she bathes her.
  11. buddy

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    NOT saying I dont ever use Q tips but it is true, there are horror stories and lots of just not nice stories with Q tips. they are really only to be used on the external ear, not in the canal at all. Too many things can happen. Can get too close to the ear drum and puncture it. Or the wax is connected to the ear drum and when you pull it out it also can pull the eardrum and rip it. Some times you scratch and irritate the skin around the outer ear canal and it can itch and cause infection. Some wax is needed to help clean out the ear canal and to keep it not dried out and itchy. Warm water, ear cleaning drops etc are better solutions.
  12. Malika

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    Oy vey, oy vey, never again shall a Q-tip cross my ear threshold :capitulate:
  13. buddy

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    Seriously laughing out loud!
  14. witzend

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    You might try some of the ear cleaning drops. They seem to help me.
  15. PatriotsGirl

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    DDD, my issue went on for at least a month! Would have been longer if I didn't use the ear drops. So happy to report it has now been two days that I can hear again!!! :)
  16. susiestar

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    You can buy ear cleaning drops or just use a few drops of olive, canola or vegetable oil. I usually use almond oil on J's ears because they get so full o wax that none of us can think over her shouting and turning the tv all the way up every time one of us lets her close to the remote!

    The oil will soften the wax and let it come out. You may need to use a little bulb syringe to get warm water in there but that will help get the softened wax out. We do the rinse about every 3rd day of treatment for Jess, but for husband and thank you they do it later the same day. Her ears just get a TON of hard wax no matter what.

    We ALL use peroxide in our ears. husband got me started when we were dating. Once the kids were verbal enough to tell me how it felt, I tried with each of them - always AFTER I spoke with the doctor and when they did NOT have tubes in. NEVER put drops of ANY kind into an ear tubes or a ruptured eardrugm. Both the local ENT here, and the other 2 we say due to not living here when the other 2 had ear problems, ALL have had no problems wth peroxide. They didn't jump up and down and say "oh goody it will fix everything!!" but they said as long as the child didn't indicate that it hurt then it was a lot less harmful than some of what they could rx.

    I have found peroxide in my ears to be helpful when they are itchy, have an odd "full" feeling that doesn't go away with a yawn (or if I cannot yawn - that can indicate a beginnin blockage in the eustachian tube). A blocked feeling with no ear problem can often be due to a blockage or swelling in the eustachian tube, esp if you have allergies or a cold. Peroide will NOT NOT NOT hurt if there is a blockage. It gets in where oil can't and it helps clean it out and deal with any beginning infection.

    thank you and Wiz have super-bad ear problems, so does my bro, but since we started peroxiding their ears every couple of days if they start to act like they have a cold or allergy problem, the trips to the doctor and the amt of medications, esp antibiotics, has gone down HUGELY. From age 10-15, Wiz had a MINIMUM of five ear infections a year plus strep throat several times a year. Once I told him that this ONE week he could earn the amt of the copay on the antibiotics and other medications for infection IF he would permit me to peroxide his ears and he would leave it in for at least 2 min on a stopwatch, less if it stopped fizzing, he has has SOOOOOOOOO many fewer ear infections, strep, etc... It seems to get strep by going back down through the throat a little bit. We use jsut a couple of drops of peroxide in one ear, then the person stays on their side while they wiggle their jaw around to get it near where they needed to be.

    I have often done it when I think I am getting a cold and it usually helps a LOT at least in decreasing how bad I feel and for how long I feel bad.
    One of my aunts ran a swimming pool for decades and she had a lot of problems with her ears until she started putting a few drops of alcohol in them after she was in the pool or took a shower. Her problems were because the ear was wet all the time all summer long. the alcohol was her dr's solution and it worked for her up to this day.
  17. Mamaof5

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    Have you considered asking about atypical trimigual neuralgia? The trimigual nerve runs from the base of the skull up over the ear and then branches into three branches. One to the face, one to the jaw and one flows down to the throat area.

    It can affect teeth, ears, jaw line, neck, throat, cheeks, scalp, face...etc. It can also be bilateral (both nerves on both sides of the head, rare but bilateral TN does occur). Also another thing to consider...

    Small eustachian tubes (the tubes in the ears that allow drainage from behind the ear drum). This requires either plastic or glass tubes to be inserted (glass lasts longer for staying put). Or you could have an over active ear wax production issue...

    Try this: 1 part rubbing alcohol, 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. Use an ear dropper to drop in about 2 to 5 drops in each ear. Let it be for about 3 to 5 minutes then flip your head over onto paper tower or a soft terry cloth and let it drain out. The hydrogen peroxide softens the ear wax and debris allowing it to run back out the ear when you tip your head and the rubbing alcohol causes the ear tubes to dry out so that the moisture doesn't cause bacteria prone environments within the ear.

    NEVER use a q-tip for the above method. You can also try blow drying your ears after baths and showers to keep the ears dry and healthy. Bacteria love dark, moist places like our ear tubes.
  18. flutterby

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    If you have allergies, it can make your ears itchy and feel full. Are you taking allergy medications? Since he told you to use cortisone cream (which, by the way, you should only use sparingly and for a short period of time because it can thin the skin, and the skin is already thin there), I'm wondering if you have some eczema in your ears. Not uncommon. Another thing that could cause the full feeling is your eustachian tubes. If you are having a little cold, or drainage related to allergies, that can make your ears feel full.

    I have constant ringing in my ears that doesn't stop. Ever. Been over a decade. It's effecting my hearing at this point. I also get itchy ears (from allergies and eczema), and this occasional feeling like there is a butterfly in my ear. For the itching from eczema, my doctor recommends using a little lotion rather than cortisone cream, for the reason stated above.
  19. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    Oh...and for earwax buildup, I use warm water and a bulb syringe. I don't use any of the stuff you buy at the stores - it just makes your ears feel sticky, and doesn't work nearly as well, or as quickly, as warm water and a bulb syringe.
  20. InsaneCdn

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    That's called "tinnitus".
    Its stress related (are we surprised?)
    They tell me the tinnitus will get much worse if I let it add to the stress level.. and that it should get somewhat better once the stress levels in the rest of my life go down.

    Lets see... HOW many more years of this?!