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    energy grounding? psychiatrist suggested difficult child do this. Makes him aware of his body, where it is, and grounds it by touching each energy point and having him concentrate on where it is. This is also suppose to help depersonalization. And this is what we are trying so hard to tackle. Has anyone heard of this? Is it too much to do right now since we started new medications for anxiety, and again EMDR...I really don't know what to do.
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    Haven't heard of it, but it can't hurt to try it, right? How do you do it? Keep us posted on how it goes.
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    Never heard of it, but wondering if it's similar to "mindfulness" training that's been recommended to us by folks at UCLA. I think it's supposed to reinforce self awareness, especially as it relates to emotions and how they affect the body in terms of tension vs. relaxation -- a sort of biofeedback system in a way. It can be very helpful for people with attention deficit in training them to focus on things they are normally too distracted to notice. But the problem with this in my opinion is that unless you also have medication supports in place, it will be very hard to implement. Kinda like trying to teach someone to read or understand poetry when they don't even have their glasses on to see, if that makes sense.

    Sounds like it can't hurt to try.
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    What can it hurt? If there is a chance it will help do it. EMDR seems kinda out there to some, but I know it helps.

    easy child and husband just went and had acupuncture for back pain. easy child has minor annoying back pain, and it helped her tremendously. husband? He has major pain and he even admitted it help. We got to the point that with him we were willing to try anything, especially when the benefits far out weigh the risks.

    I would ask psychiatrist to explain the risks vs benefits. Can it cause problems and if so what? How often does it happen? How often has he done it and what results has he seen personally? Does difficult child believe in it? I firmly believe that if a person believes something will help it will have a much better chance at helping.