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    Well, on Wednesday husband got an offer from a Mortgage lender with really bad BBB ratings in TX that they want to hire him. He thinks it is for a 1 year contract, but I'm not so certain that he is tracking all of this stuff correctly. It may be a permanent job, as it's listed on their website. They are flying him down next Friday for a "meet and greet" type deal. If I can swing an airfare that works, I'll go with and we can spend our anniversary weekend down there. But to be honest, TX is not my ideal, nor his either.

    On Thursday husband heard from the company in SC that he really wanted to work for that they would not be hiring him. He was really bummed about it, and I was too. They seemed very excited about him, and the only concern that they seemed to have was did we really want to move so far away, but told him that they understood that he was ready to do that. More-so than to Texas! They had taken their internal posting for the job off of their website after his first interview last week and we were very hopeful. SC is much more like the Pacific NW than TX is, and the company is very highly rated. Today the job is posted on their internal job listings again. It's either the same job or they are hiring an additional person for the same department.

    husband is going to contact them again and ask if they will consider his application again. If you were in this position, how would you approach it? Would you point blank ask them if it were the same job? Would you point blank ask them what their concerns were that kept them from hiring you when you interviewed last week? Is there something else we're not considering?

    Thanks for all of your hand-holding in this. We really can't ask anyone around here.
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    They may have a policy that if someone "in house" applies they have to be considered seriously first, some places that translates into they have to be hired before an outsider, even if their qualifications aren't as good. A second posting could mean a 2nd job has come up, or maybe if they hired someone in house they don't feel they are quite up for the job on their own. There could probably be a dozen reasons for a 2nd posting.

    I think it's a good idea to have husband contact them again, but I'd approach it as if it's a completely new position.

    husband didn't get several jobs due to the hiring in house policies, even though he often had far more experience than the person they hired.
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    I'd ask them to reconsider it and to feel confident that moving would not be an issue because he'd love to be in that area and it wouldn't be an imposition.
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    What I would do is apply for the position as a new app, whether it's the same job or not. If nothing else, it could get his foot in the door for the next "internal" position. This would show them his eagerness to work for THEM and his determined willingness to relocate. Personally, I don't know that I would ask them to reconsider simply because it could be taken the wrong way and husband doesn't want to appear pushy. Anyway, that's just what I would do, and have done.
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    I've always had a problem getting a job that is a long distance away from where I already live- for the same reason they told your husband- they are concerned about it being such a long distance move. So here's what I started doing- whenever you (he) put a job app in for something out of state, say that you are planning on moving there in the near future and need to get a job lined up there and "that" job sounds ideal for you. For whatever reason, that helps a lot.

    As far as this particular one, I don't know there might not be much he can do now. It might be preferable to send a prof letter than to call- husband can write a thank you letter for the interview (or whatever), mention how much he and his wife wanted to move to the area and were prepared to move, and if something falls thru with their next candidate for the position, he'd appreciate them reconsidering him. Be prof no matter what. I once went to an interview but then found that they had chosen someone else as "their first choice" to offer the position to. I really wanted the job and sent my follow-up/thank you letter anyway and lo and behold, the guy they offered the job to didn't respond promptly and then when he did, he wasn't prof so they had rec'd my letter and decided I was more prof and they offered the job to me. You never know- also- he could mention (if you deem it a prof where this is acceptable) to ask in the letter that they forward his name and contact info to others in the area offering a similar position, or something along those lines.

    But to do anything- yes, I would- he has nothing to lose.

    Another thought- after he sends the thank you letter, he can send some resumes/apps to others in the prof who know this comapny. They might be walking around at prof seminars, mention his name and think they missed out on a good deal. He could land a job someplace else to start with, you move, then a year or two later, this place snatch him up. There is strategy involved- don't bomabard cos with phone calls for a job on a Mon morning, no matter what anyone tells you. Call end of day on Thurs when people are stressed over figuring out they'll have to work another weekend if they don't get more help in. It's all about strategy when there are tons of people qualified trying to get the job.