What do you think your child will receive extra for .66 per day?

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by TheOnlyMe, Jul 28, 2009.

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    teainfo via Twitter:

    3:11 PM Jul 24th from web

    U.S. Dept.of Ed approved $2 billion in stimulus money for TX.

    3:38 PM Jul 24th from web

    To be used for textbooks, teacher pay raises & increased per pupil funding.

    Stimulus funds will provide each school with an additional

    :surprise:$120 per student & $800 pay raise to all teachers

    & "professional employees".

    in my humble opinion this is why education stinks in TX !!!!!!! My imagination what they could

    of done with Special Services with 2 billion!

    Please spread the word to all parents, advocates and list servers, so

    we can let them know our VOICE on this!
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    Our school's special education department is purchasing a laptop per student so that each child will have access to any accommodation software that is in his iep. It's a nice idea but in my humble opinion the money would have been better spent on extra staff to provide more individual attention to each student. Technology is great as long as a child is properly trained on it and this takes a lot of time and adult support.
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    Last night I was reading something and it stated that AZ was 4th in spending per student in the country.
    Spending the least....
    The SD I am in at least spends more on average, sigh.
    It is just bad everywhere.
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    Thanks for the comments. It does easy the pain a lil!:D