what does it take to completely redo the IEP?

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    How do you get classification changed so the focus will come off of behavior, since behavior has not been the issue this year but grades have plummeted and there is evidence of imtermittent impairment of memory and some processing ability, which may or may not be resulting from being on 2 mood stabilizers or secondary to the mood disorder? This sd spends more time documenting how difficult child behaves in every class, every day, and complains because I asked for his homework agenda to be signed and for the collaborative teacher to make sure he has homework assignments when he leaves class and to help him in class. I guess the collab. teachers feel they don't have time to do that- could it be because they're spending all their time documenting behavior?
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    You DO need an new IEP but no necessarily a new label. Labels do not drive services, the child's needs do. It is not legal to say, your child is an X so we do Y. Your child is entitled to an INDIVIDUAL education, which apparently needs to be more academic at this time.

    Have you considered the possibility that you son's behavior is not a problem because it is being monitored? If that were the case, then you might want to keep what he has ans ADD more academic emphasis. Just a thought....

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    Thanks, Martie! They way they approached things in the IEP meeting of Friday just really rubbed me the wrong way- I was up most of the night I was so upset over it- and upset at myself for signing the darn thing.

    Question: what does the IEP classification for Other Health Impaired cover? I found the description for ED in the archives, but can't find it for OHI.
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    I have found that the "label" the school puts a difficult child under really doesn't mean much. My difficult child is in under Emotional Impairment, but gets academic services as well as social and emotional services.

    Ggf's skin sensitivities are even in the IEP. My experience with schools is they try to do as little as possible, so it is up to the warrior parent(s) to force the school to do what is best for the difficult child.

    If you don't like the outcome of Friday's meeting, then request, in writing, the a conference is reconviened. A help to me is to have my questions and concerns written down before I go to the meeting. I also write possible solutions to my questions and concerns. I have even gotten up and left a meeting when they were trying to violate my and difficult child's rights. The school called back and put in the IEP exactly what I had told them.

    Hang in there.
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    Even when I get them to agree to write something in the IEP, it's like pulling teeth to get the teachers to back it up, even some of the time, then they complain, then they try to get it taken out at the next IEP. If I make too much stink over it, difficult child's life gets made miserable. They always seem to have a few things they want added in the IEP, that they are willing to do and they have this list discussed and agreed upon before I get to the meeting. I always feel manipulated after I leave. The whole thing is a joke- they are going to do what they are going to do- whether there is an IEP or not. If I don't sign, I'm not cooperating with sd and difficult child is on probation and has to go back to court in June for charges (2 felonies) on deferrment. And of course, the judge used to be a school teacher and is definietly going to check this year's sschool record. The sd IEP members have comeright out and said to me a couple of times they just want to geet difficult child "to buy into their plan". Well it's clear that's because they feel I've already bought into it. There is no real coomunication at the meetings- anything I say goes in one ear and out the other.

    If I had it to do over agin, my difficult child would have gone to private school from day 1.

    EDITED: They've never come right out and said it but they've made it more than obvious that they don't think difficult child has any problem other than behavior- even though they admit he hasn't had behavioral issues this year, there are neuropsychologist testing results, there are letters from 2 different psychiatrists, and they had me take proof that he was prescribed a mood stabilizer.
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    If you feel they are pushing you around, then you have 2 choices in my humble opinion.

    1. Get an advocate to go with you to the next IEP meeting.

    2. File a letter of complaint with the state.

    I personally would do (and have done) both. The school must follow the letter of the IEP, and if they do not it is a violation and too many letters of violation to the state and the state will step in and investigate.(I am not sure how many times the school has to be reported before the state investigates.)

    I am sorry I am not closer to go with you. I have had to get an advocate several times. Now my difficult child is at a clinic that has a case manager(liason person) who goes with me to the IEP meetings.

    The school can NOT put things in the IEP without your approval. You can simply tell them you did not approve that item and refuse to sign the IEP. The prior IEP is then still in place.

    If the school then takes it out on difficult child, file a lawsuit and write another letter to the state.

    Its hard, but sometimes when a school is not helping you have to step in and be a nightmare to them for them to realize you cannot be pushed around and you know your rights.

    I am sending you armor and a hug.

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    If your school principle doesn't turn around and walk the other direction when you walk in the door then your not doing it right.

    Make some noise and call another ARD. Call your ARD Facilitator and tell her that now that you have had time to think there are some other things that you want to revisit. Waive your 5 day waiting period by signing the form at the front desk of your school and go back to the table. Buff up on your accomodations and write down your expectations and present them. You do not have to sign the IEP when you leave, you can table it for a day or two and then go back to ARD as many times as you want until you are satisfied. Trust me, eventually they become exhausted with the whole situation and give you what you want. They will also think your crazy and this will frighten them into submission.
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    What is ARD?
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    ARD-Admission Review Dismissal. Thsi is the meeting where all of the teachers, administrators, parents, etc.... Sit around a big table and discuss difficult children issues as related to school and then decide, TOGETHER, on acomodations to meets difficult child needs.
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    The same as what I call the IEP meeting?
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    I guess. We call them ARDs down here in Texas. What ever you call it you can call one whenever you want.
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    So, even though I was stupid and signed the last one (on Friday) I can say we need another and withdraw that consent or say it needs changed?

    \Thank you so much! Can the 3-year review (can't remember what it's called) be requested sooner?
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    I have requested reviews earlier then the 3 years several times. I believe they must be done at least every 3 years, but can be requested at any time. I would do this in writing and send certified.

    Yes, you can withdraw your approval of an IEP at any time, and then the prior IEP goes into effect until a new meeting is called and a new IEP put in place. Just be sure to do it in writing and keep a copy for your records. I would also send the letter certified.

    Keep fighting for what is best for difficult child. It's hard and exhausting, but well worth it when difficult child gets the needed help and starts turning around to a good academic footing.(been there done that)
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    If you send a letter I would include your concern about getting the teachers to adhere to the IEP with some specific examples. Be sure you send a certified copy to your Sped Director inviting him to the meeting. I did that and our Sped Director was at the next meeting. It was amazing to see how cooperative everyone was at that meeting and every meeting thereafter. Of course, this may be why the principle walks away when I walk in...Oh Well!
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    ARD is a TX special. You always KNOW when someone is from Texas :smile:

    You can request a new evaluation if one has not been done in the last 12 months.

    NEVER sign an IEP you do not agree with. If you withdraw consent for SpEd, however, it will remove your child's eligibility and he NEEDS legal protection against suspension and expulsion in secondary school. You can request an IEP review at any time and be sure to SEND IT CERTIFIED.

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    Oh, YOU ARE GOOD!!!
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    in my opinion....the other replies are great!!! Call an ARD for IEP review ANYTIME, five seconds after last one ended !!! LOL

    An Advocate is and Angel sent from HEAVEN when needed! We have had the Dir of SS's assistant to every meeting since as a regular participant!

    An Outside Education Evaluation is Necessary if you and school have not agreed on their Evaluations!

    A binder with ALL, evaluations, annual ARD'S, A copy of Texas Education Agency guidelines in a binder with other useful research you have acquired, In addition to a hand held recorder!! I have one which is digital and can be uploaded to computer and emailed or burn to a cd and regular mailed if necessary! I have made that introduction during the before hand small talk several times.

    Hold their feet to the fire!!! Free Appropriate Public Education in the least restrictive environment.
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    I don't know the Special Education laws in Virgina, each state has their own way of doing things, but in Missouri an IEP is held every year, and a re-evaluation is held every three years. Was this the annual IEP meeting? Do you get a daily copy of his behavior report? What exactly would you like to see done? How long ago did you have the meeting? Have you received a copy of the IEP yet? With this info maybe I can give you a game plan. Good luck with everything. I know that this has to be very fustrating for you.