What Happens During A Neurospych evaluation.

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    My son will be having a neurospych evauation in the next month or so, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I can expect from it. He currently is on Adderall XR for ADD, but doesn't seem to be addressing his other behavior issues.
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    The neuro/psychiatric's that difficult child had took somewhere between six and eight hours with a break for us to go to lunch. In our case there was a team of experts who took turns meeting with him and administering tests that were age appropriate. For him it was a bit tiring both times but there was no trauma. They people are experts at dealing with difficult child's and spaced out the various testing sessions and "talk" sessions. I hope your results give you a guideline for exactly what issues exist. The results include IQ, social and behavioral results. For us it was really helpful. DDD
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    Hi again.
    Our neuropsychologist appointment. was similar to DDD's.

    No pill is going to medicate away all the problems. In fact, sometimes the medications make the kids even worse. Adderall was bad for my son when he was younger. He currently started it again and is doing fine on it. I think it's best to see what the neuropsychologist sees.