What I can do that I can make my kid a well-disciplined kid?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Billyelias, Mar 23, 2016.

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    I’m really fed up with my naughty son. He is such a notorious that he always mess up with everyone in school and playground. I used to excuse my child's behaviour by saying he has ADHD. Last day he has broken his braces for the second time in the 6 months he has had them on. I really felt wired. I took him for emergency dental care for children.The worst part is that his dad is not aware of all these stuffs going around. I’m the one who keeps on saving him from all these witless issues. But I’m afraid that such a behaviour of a kid is not always been tolerated by the outsiders. I would like to know what I can do that I can make my kid a well-disciplined kid. Any ideas or suggestions. Any replies or advice in this concern will be highly appreciated.
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    My daughter had a similar problem and I had to take her to a councilling session. It had helped her to some extent. Hope that would help in your case. Now she is obsessed about a chemical peel treatment. I am trying to resolve that issue now.
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    Has your child been evaluated by a professional so that a professional can help you? Nobody here has a magic answer to your question, sadly. If something is wrong, it needs help before the child will or is even able to change.

    Therapy requires ongoing visits, not just one.

    I would focus on helping your child and try to learn not to care what other people think. Who cares? Also, it is normal for things like braces and glasses to get broken in normal play. Have had plenty of that with my kids. They arent as careful as adults. Is the father understsnding? Helpful? Abusive?

    Good luck.
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    The FIRST rule of getting kids to behave well is for BOTH parents to have the same rules and both follow through with the same consequences. So dad needs to participate in this - period!

    Both parents should take parenting classes and go to counseling together.
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    I cant believe I forgot this bit if advice!! Do order "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene. This used to be standard advice at a time when this board actually had parents of mostly young children. The board has changed a lot. This book is in stores and on Amazon.

    This book is unique and helped many a tired parent have some peace.
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    How old is this boy? I'm guessing tween/teen, based on braces?
    What evaluations have been done, and who did them?
    What accommodations and supports does he have in school?
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    I agree with the others. If he hasn't been evaluated by a professional like a psychologist, neuropsychologist, psychiatrist, social worker you need to have that done asap. Also, behavior is a form of communication. You need to calmly try to figure out WHY he does what he does and reacts the way he reacts. Kids do well when they can. If they don't it's usually because they can't and it's your job to figure out why. With the VERY rare exception, kids don't set out to be "naughty".
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    Remember that kids are little knowledge sponges. Their job is learning, not just in school, but every waking minute of their lives. They learn from every experience, every exposure.

    Keep that firmly in mind when dealing with your child. Every interaction is teaching him something. Make sure what you teach is what he should be learning.

    Because of this, and because kids,even delayed kids, are darned smart, you and your spouse HAVE to be on the same page. Otherwise one of things he will learn very quickly (because there are rewards to it) is to triangulate you and your spouse, and you don't want that.
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    The website Empoweringparents.com has been very helpful to me through the years. You can answer a questionnaire if you wish and they will send you tailored advice via email.