What I learned today....hoping this is a very good thing

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    I mentioned about a project our home services psychiatric was involved in. Turns out it is not a class at all. Just a project between the University of XX and the State Dept of Health. The history of it goes back to years ago some very negative behavior methods being used in group home and res. settings. Things had to be changed in a huge way. That combined with a movement that is very person centered planning based. I think he said Kentucky has a model that is very systematic in developing a really good positive behavior plan that is focused on getting a person where they want to be in life, not just to reduce/replace specific behaviors. SO....some key people went there and studied all their research and saw the models in action and adapted them for here and now this is the pilot research for doing a similar thing in our state.

    So, the people involved are people who have had many years in service provision. They have felt along the way that if these people would have had this level of services in home many of them would not end up in group homes so early in life. (unless it was part of their plan ... meaning the crisis providers--places people have to suddenly go to).

    So there are only two that are in a home setting still and the hope is that all providers which includes me, would be on board to develop a very detailed plan. Home psychiatric showed me the options (which are very fluid but lead to the same information....just depends on the individual) and the complaints I have about things like the Motivational Assessment Scale which most people pull out for FBA's are addressed across the board. The goal is to really look at the setting (including place, time, people, situations, internal issues) just as strongly as what happens before a behavior (and even that is not done well in most FBA's).

    The big deal is that our direct county providers can be in on it (and ours will love that) so that all the plans...school county etc. are truly coordinated so that when time comes for Q to be in his next step of independence, we have research based documentation that already includes people at high levels in the state dept of human services, to say...he needs X, Y, Z.

    The adviser from the U (my former grad school adviser--from 25 years ago, very strange coincidence...or maybe not??) can be very involved including explaining the models and advising the school.

    I asked if it would be possible to invite (not sure this would happen but I thought it would be interesting to see the answer) the police liaison officer from our local high school (Q doesn't go there) who was the one who happened to show up at our home when I butt dialed 911. He took the time to meet us and talk to Q about NASCAR and JJ, etc. He said to call any time, so it might be interesting to see if at some point...if there is any big meeting that summarizes the needs and goals and goes over our crisis plan, if he would be interesting in hearing it....just would be interested to see if he or another community officer rep would be interested in coming. Our county PHN for sure is on board.

    I'm pretty happy to have the added support because it adds 8 times the amount of psychiatric services for us from our home psychiatric at no charge. And he is much more involved.

    Hoping this works into a good thing......
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    sounds great, wish there was something like that available to my difficult child
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    Well, if this is to be a state wide model it likely will!
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    Cool! It sounds interesting and worthwhile. I bet that officer would show up, too, if you invited him. :)
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    sounds awesome
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    Buddy, you have the background to understand it but I have no clue if the information is still out there in the www. One day when you have free time (as if!) see if you can look up Willie M program in NC and see if that sounds like the forerunner to any of these programs. It was a lawsuit several decades ago. Gosh Willie M is probably in his 60s by now. Or late 50s. Probably 50s. Tad bit older than me. You might be interested in it.
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    You need to be lining up all this psychiatric help with a plan for how to keep Q out of the kinds of environments that are harmful (a.k.a. "the school's plan")... You are being given some pretty big cannons on your line of fire (and none of them are loose cannons, lol)... so use them!
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    This is truly wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! Esp when I think of all the extra time for people to spend with Q and of course some will spill over to school and these people have the power and the abiliity to make the school do the right thing and stop worrying about the pretty bulding that might get a smudge. It gives you more eyes and ears to make sure that he isn't abused by people like psycho and that simply cannot be undervalued.

    You probably can also swing some respite time which of course you are desperately in need of! After all, they need to see Q out and about with-o you!

    I just LOVE this!!
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    So nice to hear some good news! I agree with Susiestar - Not only is this a wonderful thing for Q, you should be able to get some very much needed respite time.
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    That sounds so promising! It's great news.