What is a Budgie?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marg's Man, Nov 10, 2007.

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    This is often often asked whenever Marg or I post about ours.

    The full name of Budgie is Budgerigar - which believed to come froma an Aboriginal phrase meaning "Good Eating". It usually shortened to budgie (pronounced budge-ee)

    I am surprised that you don't know them by this name as I believe it is the most popular pet bird in the world. (I've just looked it up; so does Wikipedia) which also informs me that Americans call them Parakeets.

    Here's a link to the Wikipedia page:
    which also has some pictures.

    They are quite small, the first picture is about actual size if you view it on a 17 inch monitor. We used to have two, a cockerel (male) in the natural colours and the hen which is the same blue as the pair in the second picture on the Wikipedia page; difficult child 3 called them Yoshi and Daisy respectively. Yoshi died soon after we got back from New Zealand when he caught a cold from us. Daisy and difficult child 3 were devastated but bonded closely to each other in their grief. Both are now over it and Daisy has become very tame.

    She's a personable little thing and we are all quite fond of her but difficult child 3 is her real mate. Both Marg and I both had budgies while we were growing up and we relish the thought that they are native to Australia.

    Making a slight digression - we have been bemused that the most commonly referenced birds in the "think you want a bird" thread are two other Aussie parrots, the Cockatiel and the Sulfur Crested White cockatoo.
  2. Big Bad Kitty

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    Well, I don't know what a lot of things are that Marg mentions (I had a problem with chook there for awhile) but budgie I DID know. It is used in the states but not as readily as parakeet.
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    Having had one I knew it by both names. We just did not have a lot of luck with it. Certain animals are not safe in our home. Birds we discovered are one of them. Rabbits are another. No luck in their health.

    It is always fascinating to hear (read) the differences you have there as compared to here though.

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    Thanks for the explanation. I never knew what that was. There are lots of things Marg mentions that I have no clue about. :hammer:

  5. HereWeGoAgain

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    I had no idea that most Americans don't know what a budgie is.
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    We had Budgies growing up, I love them. We also had a Blue and Green Macaw. I love birds... but I do not have the time nor the right family for one right now... screaming violent epidsodes do not bode well for birds... in my humble opinion
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    When you finally get tired of standing on a crowded bus for a 2 hour commute and Budgie your way between two men too rude to give you their seat.

    Budgiegar: Fish/tool used for budgie-ing your way between two men. See Alligator- Gar fish or alligator gar snapping turtle. Both ugly and effective in moving anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  8. Marguerite

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    Don't forget, Star - that tool has a small, sharp, triangular 'beak' like a bottle opener which can be very useful in ejecting the most recalcitrant seat-hog. Just apply the nip to the bit of flesh hanging down between the seat and the seat-back. Then stand back and watch the floor show as they rise rapidly to ceiling height, doing a 180 degree turn in mid-leap to try to find the source of the nip.

    Very effective. But be careful that the finger does not get nipped.

  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    If I had a 2 hour bus commute, and 2 men who thought they were going to let me stand? I'd nip them myself. No gar, no budige - just the quick whit and quicker two edged tongue of myself.

    Although carrying a dead fish on board a bus WOULD have it's merits.