What is it about 17 yr olds?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Aug 26, 2010.

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    I read a couple of posts tonight that were about 17 year olds. Although my situation isn't as bad, I see parallels.

    Mine told me tonight that I owed money to him because I "have more than I will ever spend and it will just be" his someday. Basically he believes in a world where I work, I pay and he plays. Darn it, should've asked if he still believed in Santa too.

    He is already flunking school. He stole my credit card last month and bought gas.

    I believe in tough love. I have locked up everything of value.

    A month of having nothing to do and nothing to wear but white tshirts and plain shorts did improve some things. But then he opens his mouth and does something stupid again.

    I frankly do not care if he is unhappy. That is not my responsibility. He now cries daily because I refuse to allow him to withdraw from school andbtake the GED. He threatens to run away and I say I will sell or give away all your stuff within 24 hours. He stays because he knows I will do it.

    Why do they behave like very tall two year olds?

    I know the stuff is going to hit the fan next year (assuming he finishes high school) because the minute I get failing college grades, my answer is "get a job". Then I will likely give him cash to get an apartment simply to get him out of the house peacefully. I know soon he will whine about not having the cash for rent but that is his problem and he no longer lives with me. Know what I mean?

    I am rambling. It has been a long week.

    All you parents of 17 year olds, stay tough. It is the only sane thing.

    P.s. My gtg has a new friend. Her parents are swingers and tell their teen daughters all about it. I would like to go knock them in the head merely for allowing a situation where my son learned about this. Sheeessh, some people arebtruly idiots!
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    Sending some strength your way! Good for you. Someday, he will appreciate it all, including the tough love.

    It's never easy with (most) teenagers! My daughter was so ashamed of me when she was a teen and really pushed my buttons (luckily, a good student, responsible) until she was out on her own awhile and started to "get it." My son is 18; it has been a nightmare for all of us -- really did everything we could to support him but he chooses to continue in a dangerous lifestyle and is now out of the house. I pray a lot and have moved on.

    What is up with the parents who tell their kids about their swinging escapades? Wow...
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    I gain strength reading testimonies of STRONG, tough love parents! Way to go, AlabamaGirl! My difficult child is 19 and just withdrew from college to waitress/hostess. She had a very large academic scholarship to a private university, but at the end of first year, we made it clear we would not co-sign student loans for the balance of tuition/living expenses because she spent freshman year trying drugs, sex, and lots of rude/lying/manipulative behaviors on our family (with several very young sibs). Tough love! It's the best way to love your kids! I feel confident that my difficult child wi'll find her way to adult life and will eventually get a degree . . . BUT we won't pay for it, either financially or emotionally. Kudos and thanks for the support.