What is neuropsychologist testing?

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    Someone on my previous post mentioned having a complete neuropsychologist test done...said it was long and hard to get going...what exactly does that entail? Isn't that what he's getting in the hospital?? Shouldn't that be what he's getting done in the hospital? Where do I start?

    Thanks for any help!
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    My son had twelve hours of neuropsychologist testing (looking for all neurological and psychiatric disorders). Everything was tested from his IQ, to his various abilities in all areas, to his demeanor, to his eye contact, to how he answers questions, etc. When he was done, he had a better understanding of our son then anyone ever had and so did we. No, you don't get that sort of testing in a hospital. Usually you get very little testing, just observation. And many psychiatrists don't KNOW about neurological disorders that can mimic psychiatric disorders (bipolar and autistic spectrum disorder can be great mimickers of one another, but you can't use the same treatment to get results). A lot of psychiatarists are still pretty clueless about Aspergers and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified because it's a neurological problem, not a psychiatric problem. Our psychiatrist insisted my son had bipolar and put him on heavy duty medications. He didn't have bipolar. The neuropsychologist figured it out and my son has never been better.