What is planned NO MAN or SD can stop!!!

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    My son is 18 and determined to be the first graduating class of his school (new high school) no matter how they haven't educated him and accommodated him out and socially passed him. His path is beginning to be exposed and no SD or agency can stop the plans of God for our difficult child's, he will use them for his GLORY!!!

    He is being procured to be an advocate voice Nationally for Children's Mental Health and trained to mentor his peers and Advocate for Policy changes on the state level. This time last year we were in serious crisis two tickets from fighting at school, two attempted suicides in 60 days and had to be sent to an DTC for IEP not being implemented which acerbated a regression. BUT NOW!!!!!!!!! on the 29th medications been the same (figured out he cant take stimulants for his body chemistry for WMI of 1 % PR, it was causing the rage and Mania in BiPolar (BP)), no incidents and no episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like my wise son says: Momma no one could of changed me, I had to want to change and Momma you cant change anyone either they have to want it and be willing to own the explanation of who they are and why they are!

    THIS IS A POST OF HOPE, dont give up or give in HAVE FAITH!!!!

    PROUD MOMMA ! ! !

    Dear Scholarship Applicants,

    The National Federation of Families for Childrenʼs Mental Health, is writing to congratulate you on receiving the 2008 Conference Scholarship. This is an exciting opportunity to attend our 20th Annual Conference, Hope on the Horizon on the Horizon for Children, Youth and Families: Revisioning mental health using a public health approach to promotion and prevention as well as participate in youth designed sessions that promote leadership and strengthen the voice of Americaʼs youth.

    Please be sure to be in the ballroom for the celebration luncheon on Saturday, November 22, at 12:30 pm. The Executive Director of the National Federation will be announcing the recipients of the scholarships. You will not be asked to speak. She will call on you to stand and be recognized.

    This scholarship will cover three nightsʼ hotel, airfare, and registration for November 20-25, 2008.

    He also obtained eligibility for Texas Department of Adult Rehabilitative Services (not obtain thru school but proactive parent, our SD don't send DARS counselor until 12th grade) and obtained his first job (part time) with a HOMELAND security level clearance as "passenger assistant at the international terminal At IAH!!!

    OOh Yea we are going to early vote this Wednesday and he is registered for SS, we will work on DL later, not to much to fast!
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    Awesome! Just awesome!

    My son also took on the challenge of "wanting and willing to own the explanation of who and why his is". It truly does make the miracle stronger when your child makes the decision to work toward the goal of overcoming their challenges. To know they have it in them. To see the goal.

    I know all difficult children want a easier life. Many don't see how. They have to figure that out for themselves. Parents give them all the tools and try to discipline toward that goal but until the lightbulb goes off and difficult child understands he/she can work at it, it is very difficult. We just need to help find those tools to make it work. What is the challenge and how to overcome it? Hard, hard work for the kids.

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    Thank you and so TRUE!!!