What is stability in a BiPolar (BP) kid?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wonderful Family, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Nothing like finding something new to worry about with difficult child. Although, sometimes I feel like it's just looking down the road for what we'll have to deal with next too.

    My difficult child is doing very well overall. But he is still unbearably cranky and crabby - unhappy much of the time. But not nearly as angry and defiant - and no violence or aggression.

    The mood swings have leveled out to a great extent, he can stop and use coping skills much of the time, he can back down and handle small consequences that he does seem to learn a little bit from.

    Why I am worried: A lot of times I can see him battling with himself to do what's right. difficult child is never truly happy (I know, state of mind too). He may be satisfied or be willing to live with something; but not happy. He may laugh and joke with other kids - but he's not smiling at the same time.

    What I've seen in the past is that this type of period (although it is truly the best we've ever had) is as good as it gets. As soon as something causes him stress or worry - he's down again and it's a long way up.

    Is this stability? Is this still low grade depression of some sort?

    Funny, easy child worries constantly over difficult child being so unhappy.
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    You are describing my difficult child except he does have rare occassions when he is a gem. There are times when he is cooperative, happy, generous, kind and actually easy going...they are very rare,but they happen. I think BiPolar (BP) is an evolving thing and we won't really know what to expect until they get past adolescence and into adulthood, just my opinion, I'll be reading others responses as well.
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    I have come to think of it as when difficult child isn't symptommatic at all or when the symptoms are mild or dealt with and don't interfere with daily functioning- for me or him. If he's in a period where he is struggling to keep it under control himself, then I push for better- medication change, therapy, spending time with him myself doing something special and different just because I can't stand to see him so miserable and because I've learned it will get worse from that point instead of better.

    I'm going to answer your other post later this evening.
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    I can't remember stable, I know I would love stable! But alas we do not have stable here, sigh................ last year when difficult child II got out of partial hospital he seemed "pretty stable" but not this round, he's still agressive and angry, defiant to the core!
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    I'm like amazeofgrace, I can't remember stable with my difficult child. The closest we get to stable is some periods without violence. Right now we are in a relative good period-relative in terms of my difficult child. I don't know-maybe that is stable for him right now.