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    difficult child has some things that list axis IV and axis V on them. What is that referencing?
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    Shari, others with more experience can explain this better- but here's my layman's interpretation:

    Axis 1 is clinical diagnosis
    Axis 2 is personality stuff (not sure- maybe personality disorders)
    Axis 3 is any physical health contributors
    Axis 4 are stressors or other contributing difficulties (my son's lists getting into trouble at school, memorization issues)
    Axis 5 is GAF which is some scale measuring level of functioning or something like that- 100 being the best; 0 being the worst. So, when my son is stable and he's evaluation'd, his gaf would be high- maybe 90- but when he's unstable it would be low- maybe 50 or something. Anyway, this varies and if it's high, others (sd, profs, etc) are likely to tell you that whatever supports/medications he's getting are working; if it's low, you have grounds to say he needs more help
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    Axis IV: Severity of Psychosocial Stressors


    Events in a persons life, such as death of a loved one, starting a new job, college, unemployment, and even marriage can impact the disorders listed in Axis I and II. These events are both listed and rated for this axis.

    Axis V: Highest Level of Functioning


    On the final axis, the clinician rates the person's level of functioning both at the present time and the highest level within the previous year. This helps the clinician understand how the above four axes are affecting the person and what type of changes could be expected.
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    Thanks...I guess this is "good" for the upcoming IEP meeting. One good thing out of the last neuropsyche is an axis IV moderate and axis V 50 (past year 50). Hopefully that will help with the one on one argument.

    Thanks again. Sorry to be hoovering up so much board time.