WHAT is with people not getting it????

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    difficult child has been inpatient since Thrs. night. We have repeatedly called the psychiatric assigned to him and have yet to speak to her. This is disturbing on so many levels. Then another dr. assigned to him to administer pysch testing calls us Sunday and tells us he will start the testing that day. He leaves my son with a 160 question form and tells him to finish it. WHERE do they put him to do the test??? In the middle of the common area where chaos is going on with all of the other kids, techs, groups, etc... THEN when he gets frustrated and refuses to do the test, they put him on restriction and he is not allowed to eat dinner with his family. My daughter is upset and crying as my husband and I left with-out seeing our son. What happens next? He throws a huge fit because he can't eat with us and we then are told he has behavior problems. ***??? Am I the only person in the world that knows an adhd kid with mood disorder can't have distractions when taking a test? And on top of it.... to punish him for his disability?

    When we confronted (in a nice way) the dr about the testing environment, he told us we were enabling my son.

    I'm just at my wits end. I want to see some competence. Some professionalism. SOMETHING that tells me there is someone out there that has their act together and can help my child.

    Jill (39)
    difficult child DS (11) ADHD, Mood disorder, possible Aspberger's
    currently taking 40 mg of Strattera
    easy child daughter (9)
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    ENABLING? WTH? That just sounds absolutely ridiculous! I'd be livid, too.

    Make sure you document everything about what's happening. Who, What, Where, When, etc. You may need to bump this up another level to get some help. Hopefully others here who've been in your position will chime in and offer some good advice.

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    wow! i find that unbelievable. Your difficult child should have been offered a quite room to complete the test. That situation could have been totally avoided. I don't think you were "enabling" your son. You were trying to HELP your son. A quiet room in which to complete such a personal and lenghty questionairre would not be too much to ask for ANYONE!!!
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    Doesn't sound like a very good hospital. Unfortunately, not all of them are. I'm very sorry and I agree with you.
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    Find anouther Dr. Fast. Never go back to this one. He is completely incompetent, and can not do your child any good.

    When I was a child, my mom took me to a reading testing center. They told my mom that all of my problems were becasue she bribed me for good behavor by spending special time with me and getting me a plastic ring (which I loved at the time). I still have the report which states "behavoral problems brought on by a too submissive home environment". An entire learning disability caused by a simple gift! I read today because my mom did not by it. She kept looking until it made sense.
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    Wow, I agree with aeroeng. 4 years ago when court ordered psychiatric evaluation for custody they made me fill out the questionnaire from DSM-IV and stuck me in a back filing/storage room. At least it was quiet! Then the results came out that husband and his ex were both extremely narcissistic and I was a doormat. I think the only completely correct diagnosis is that of the ex, but I'm not a psychiatric so I have no real idea! No one who read the report thought mine was right, some though husband's was, only a little extreme (he filled out in common area too... HMM). I would try to find another place for difficult child if you can. Here we are limited but the kids are worth it! Can you get a referral from psychiatrist maybe? Or a different referral?
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    We have a call into his reg psychiatrist to have him transferred to that doctor's hospital. The reason we had to put him in this hospital was because there were no beds at the other available. His psychiatrist's psychiatric hospital has a childrens day program and we are going to get him in that. The psychiatric doctor's office (the one in this hospital) called and told us we could set up an appointment to speak with her on the phone on THRS! She won't even pick up the phone to call us. 5 min of her time is all we are asking...and that is too much to ask. husband is calling the operations superviser and complaining about ths whole mess right now. If we can't get through to anyone I am sure we will be pulling him from the hospital today, which I'm sure is AMA. I spoke with his psychiatrist and he said we could give him a few days to get over the trauma of all of this and then put him in the day program next week.

    So that is where we stand. They can call us enablers, controlling whatever. The bottom line is we know what's best for our child and they are not what's best at this time.

    by the way, I googled the psychiatrist at this psychiatric hospital and you would not believe the **** I pulled up on her. Anyone remember Andrea Yates? Yep, she was her treating physician.
  8. Sheila

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    I've wondered more than once how some of these people get their licenses.

    Good child and adolescent psychs are hard to find.

    Because disorders such as bipolar and adhd look so different in adults compared to children, one has to make sure the treating doctor is really qualified.

    I'm not saying the doctor is not qualified, but without a doubt whoever stuck this child in this area to do a test has their own set of problems in my opinion.

    Welcome to the site!
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    When N* was hospitalized after hallucinating on Lexapro, that week the suicidality warnings for juveniles were published from the British Psychiatric Board (the equivalent to the APA in America).

    N* hates reading, and when they gave her the unit handbook (60 - 70 pages), she did not read it. To top it off, she had been in the ER since the previous evening, and didn't make it into a room until almost 7:00 a.m. She was understandably tired and wanted to sleep. I explained all of this to the staff, I was assured everything would be ok - until she broke a rule she never knew about - being asleep in her room during the day! ARGH.

    I got no satisfaction from the floor supervisor, his supervisor, and I finally asked for the person for whom the buck stopped. I spoke to the director of the mental health unit at this hospital (with a stellar reputation in our community) and asked him if he'd like to be treated like his adolescent patients. I kept my composure, barely, but he knew I was going to make a lot of noise if he didn't get somebody with gray matter between their ears to reverse some stupid rules and apologize to my kid.

    I hold learned adults with numerous initials behind their names to a much higher degree of excellence and professionalism than I do my teenage difficult child - and I'm not afraid to tell them that.

    Wherever you end up next - document everything!

    Best of luck.
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    Hi Jillmbooth, welcome.

    Gosh, that would make me mad!

    I don't know where you live, but I'd find another psychiatric hospital next time. They sound like idiots.

    I am so sorry.