What is your choice of a great dog breed for a 60-something?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    Yes, I'm already trying to fantacize about my next dog...lol. I'm 55 now and figure my mutts will live five more years or so. But I want a youngster dog before my "friends" are gone. It will help the lonliness (I love my dogs to pieces). Unfortunately, cocker spaniels are high maintenance and they're the breed I've always had (or mixes of them). My cockapoo is a doll and I may get another one, but I want a REALLY laid back puppy that doesn't need tons of exercise. I go to the dog park a lot, but you never know how your health will hold up when you get older. Of course, I could go to a humane society, but then you don't know if you're getting a too-lively dog or one who pulls etc. I just want a friend that I can take everywhere with me. I've actually read that Greyhounds are wonderful, calm couch potatoes. And, when I did a fun test of "pick your breed" bichons came up first. I also love pugs. I'm open to an older dog, but not TOO old. I want many years with my buddy.
    I am home a lot and when I'm not I take my crazed dogs with me. I just want one dog, in the end, that I can do everything with. Any suggestions? Yes, I may do a rescue dog too! In fact (don't tell hub) I may get my new dog much sooner than hub and I discussed. Hub loves dogs. He'd get over the shock :tongue:
  2. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    I watched Dogs 101 on Animal Planet recently.
    I saw something called a King Charles Spaniel as being a wonderful dog.
    I would consider that if I gave up on my mini pony's. : )
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Basset hounds are pretty low maintenance. mother in law and father in law adopted one in their 60's and loved her to death. It started a heavy trend for basset's in this family lol. Very loveable breed, enjoy exercise but not hyper, good with kids but equally good with adults. Of course you have to consider the drool factor which some people really can't handle. I don't mind it at all. I've owned 4 basset's myself.......drool production depends on the individual dog. lol

    Fran King Charles Spaniels are another breed I happen to adore. I've watched them in dog shows for years.

    I'd tend not to get a hyper breed. Because when you bring them into the home it may not be a factor but later down the road it may become a problem.

    I'm partial to big dogs myself. I have a feeling that even at 60 I'll still be wanting my big dogs. lol Small dogs are cute.......and I can enjoy them when they're someone else's but to me.....they don't quite fit the role of "dog" in my mind. So odds are I'll be the teeny lil old lady who walks the enormous dog around town. LOL

    I'm thinking of adding a great pyrenese (sp) once I'm finished with school. Both Molly and Rowdy are showing their ages quite a bit. I adore that breed. And it's a good fit for me. :) husband doesn't get an opinion. ;)
  4. Jungleland

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    I watched dogs 101 the other day and I was drawn to the french bull dog. After puppy stage they are very much the couch potato. They are adorable. You do have to be careful with them in hot weather, like a pug. Growing up we had a mini poodle and she was the best dog ever. Playful but also would curl up with you forever if thats what you wanted. She went everywhere with us. They live a long time as well.

    Have fun researching.
  5. mstang67chic

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    Grayhounds can be calm indoors but they also need room to run. I looked into the adoption process for them and one of the requirements is that you have a fenced in yard with plenty of room for them to run and exercise. Walks are good too but the groups prefer an area that the dog can run loose.

    My cousin has had a few boxers and they have been good dogs. The males can get somewhat large but the females aren't too bad. She had hers in the house and only had a very tiny back yard but they seemed to do ok with that. A friend had one too and husband and I would take her for rides in the truck with us before we got a dog. She LOVED taking rides!

    I was going to suggest something like Chester but then I noticed that you wanted a CALM dog. In that case, I would definately avoid Jack Russels! LOL He's like Tigger on Winnie the Pooh and I don't know that you would want to deal with that!

    If I were you, I would still at least consider the pound. At this point in time, there are a lot of dogs there who have a good chance at being leash trained because people had them but couldn't keep them after job losses and such. You could always ask the staff or take a leash for a trial walk too, I'm sure.
  6. muttmeister

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    Well, I'll be 62 my next birthday and I have 2 big dogs that I run and walk with. If you're healthy, don't expect to become a couch potato just because you have your 60th birthday.

    As far as small dogs go, I've had a toy poodle; she would have been a wonderful dog for somebody who wanted a quiet dog but they do have upkeep as they need grooming regularly. The best dog I ever owned was a cockapoo; no problems there. And I had a part bichon, part poodle that was a wonderful dog too. I'd look at the pound as well; you can get a pretty good idea of what you're getting if you are careful and talk to the people in charge. Usually they give you lots of information as they want their dogs to be adopted out to suitable homes. As a rule, terriers are a little hyper so I might stay away from them and you do need to take into account the kind of grooming a dog will need; that can run into time and lots of money. And if you do it yourself, it can be quite a job.
    Good luck; I"m sure you'll find the right one.
  7. DDD

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    We just got another Boxer and my husband is going to be 77 in a couple of months. ;) I don't think age has much to do with compatibility. Boxers don't shed much, they are playful but usually respectful, and friendly with others...including other dogs.

    My personal preference for "choosing" a pet family member is to wait until a loving family "has to move" and can't take their dog along. We have never had to housebreak a dog or teach basic commands. By watching the intereaction with the departing family you can tell alot about the type of personality and behaviors you will be adopting.

    on the other hand :embarrassed:Ace, our new Boxer, has a few minor issues that are driving me nuts. Ace has an insatiable appetite for affection...truly, you can pet and stroke Ace 24/7 and he would be delighted. Ace eats and licks books and shoes and some of the furniture. :surprise: Those surprise behaviors were not shared when we met the previous owners.

    So much for the perfect method..lol. BUT my husband LOVES Ace to death and he actually looks and talks younger now he has a trusty companion. DDD
  8. bby31288

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    I have a bichon and my mom has a shih tzu. She loves him, she is in her 70's he is about 5. My bichon is just a baby, and is very good, calm..walks nice, she enterains herself with her toys. She is a sweetie.
  9. AnnieO

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    We have a mutt who is absolutely wonderful with everyone. Tolerant of children (prying his mouth open, grabbing his tail...) and will sit at the feet of adults of all ages. Likes to roughhouse with me and husband, but we'll put our arms in his mouth and he doesn't bite. Ever.

    He's not fond of having toenails clipped or baths, but will hold still... Jumps in the bathtub and waits for us.

    Barks at strangers, of course, and don't ever get in his way when BM picks up the kids (kid?)... He won't go outside with them, but he will seriously snarl at the window. Learned this the hard way. He hates her.

    He is part shepherd, part chow, part heaven only knows what, and all mutt. Not the brightest - thinks he's a cat - and likes to cuddle. On your lap. He weighs 60 lbs.
  10. nvts

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    My vote is always a mutt, but if you want something specific, there's a "new breed" called a "labradoodle". It's a labrador retriever/poodle mix. They're supposed to be fun but smart and little to no shedding! So if you're past the point of wanting "dog hair tumbleweeds" rolling through the house, take a look at non-shedding dogs.

    Good luck with the shopping - difficult child 2 is CONSTANTLY on the dog adoption sites because he's the next one to get an animal and he desperately wants a dog. He wants a pug, but those faces creep me out. I like big dogs (I've ALWAYS wanted a bloodhound and to name it Agarn), so this kids naturally, is looking a chihuahuas, dachshounds and of course pugs.

  11. DammitJanet

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    I think the pound is a great place to get a dog. You are literally saving a life. You can go there and get a really good idea of what you are getting. We got the best dog ever from the pound. I have no idea what her breed was. We think she was some sort of border collie mix. They told us she was approximately 2-3 years old and an older woman brought her in because she was going into an assisted living center. She was trained well. She lived with us from the time Cory was born until he was 15 years old. She was the perfect dog. I cant remember any thing she ever did that was a problem.
  12. witzend

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    We're looking at Labradoodles. Low shed, low allergenic, calm demeanor, easily trained.

    Expensive, though. :(
  13. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Try petfinders. It can be breed specific and most are pound/rescue organizations dogs.
    Jungleland, there is a new french bulldog pup in the neighborhood. He is adorable.
    Both of my new kids are petfinders.com dogs. One was a stray and the other had been rescued from a pound as a very ill dog. My guys were very mellow and cooperative but as they got comfortable they did blossom personalities. They have their quirks but the breed tends to be calm which is why I chose them. They are high maintence with their coats and they shed a horrendous amount.
  14. SomewhereOutThere

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    Wow! Went to the dog park and came back with all these responses!

    Currently, high on my list so far are Bassets (I'm glad there was a vote for one--LOVE them--they can drool all they like!), pugs (sorry to whomever said they're ugly--they're adorable!), chihuahua (yes, I know they yap, I had one), another cockapoo or a small pound dog.

    I don't expect to get lazy in my 60's, but I work out at the gym, not outside. I've never been an "outside" person so a big dog would probably be bored in our house...lol. We do t he dog park, but not jogging! I want a dog I can throw in the car and tuck under my coat (and sneak into the store--ok, so you can't really do that with a Bassett..hehe). I want one who will be my best friend and go everywhere with me and cuddle on my lap at home, and I am SAYING that I only want one dog and one cat (we already have the cat part covered).

    I heard that Greyhounds are sprint runners. They need a good run a day (can we say "Dog Park?") but that they are not high endurance and are couch potatoes the rest of the day. That's another breed on my list. We don't have a fence and we rent, so I'm not sure that could be done. We are trying to buy. And as for being a renter--there are certain breeds landlords will not allow, such as Pitballs and Rotties. And I think Boxers and German Shepherds (as silly as it it, since these dogs are helper dogs) are all on the baaaaaaaaaaaad breed list. I think it's insane, but I don't write the rules. We are seriously thinking of getting a trailer when the kids are gone, which wouldn't give us tons of room for a big dog either. I do love certain big dogs--Golden retrievers, huskies, labs...I'm very much a dog person. It's fun that most of you love your furbabies too! I really love all animals. You know what animals really pierce my heart? (don't laugh too loud). Goats!!!! They are adorable! But I can't have a goat in town here :tongue:
  15. tinamarie1

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    My grandmother always had poodles. They were great lap dogs, I don't remember her taking them outside (she used puppy pads), and she would take them with her on short car trips to the drive thru. They did get a little miffed when she left them for very long and would tear things up though.
  16. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    Smart dog.
  17. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    I'm a huge fan of basset's, as I said.

    If it weren't for Betsy......she's basset/lab mix......my next pick would probably be one. I can't seem to live without one in the house. lol All my basset's have been huge love dogs (be picky about breeders though). And Betsy most certainly is. She'll crawl up into my lap at the slightest indication she's welcome.....and sometimes without it. lol

    My bassets could run and play with the kids, or laze around the house with me. Very versitile dogs. Their bark is HUGE. They, despite their appearance, can and will fiercly protect family. But they get on well with kids and just about everyone.

    I swear if Betsy had her way she'd have me adopt every stray cat in the neighborhood. Right now I feel sorry for her. Molly and Rowdy are feeling their age more and more, and leaving her with no one to play with. :( And Bruce the cat only tolerates so much. lol

    My next choice is a great pyranese because I want/need a BIG dog as house protector who can also do well with kids ect. And because I fell in love with the one we had for short time.

    But I'm telling you.........if my neighbor around the corner doesn't keep their adorable basset puppy in the house........I just might waver. OMG he's so darn cute!! It ought to be criminal.

    Now if you don't want to big a dog......get a female basset, not a male. The males get huge compared to females. Just thought I'd warn ya. :D

  18. SomewhereOutThere

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    In our local humane society, there was an adorable bassett named Benji that was considered the mascot, but he never seemed to like being in all the noise. When the director changed, he allowed one of the workers who Benji was attached to to adopt Benji. I ran into that young man and Benji not too long ago and Benji was off leash and at his side. He said that Benji is his "shadow." I didn't realize that Basetts were good dogs for most people because Benji was very timid. I realize now that he just didn't like kids--if they don't, no problem in my house. N. is 13 and we aren't having anymore kids!!!

    I am thinking about a young Bassett hound rescue. They are the cutest with those droopy ears and big brown eyes. And if they cuddle and don't need a big fenced yard to run in, they're high up on my list.
  19. bby31288

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    MWM, We had a bassett growing up. She was the best. Very loyal, and loving. Just remember a few things, bassetts are not small dogs. They are medium to large dogs on short legs. Ours weight upwards of 60 lbs. The other issue is they are SMELLY. Consider you will be doing lots of grooming and ear care. Ours smelled like bad fritos or something...just some things to consider.
  20. SomewhereOutThere

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    Do they really small that bad?
    Cocker spaniels don't smell like roses either and I have one. :D