What is YOUR favorite weather ever...and what do you like to do when it is that nice out?


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This was inspired by yesterday here in St. Louis where the weather was PERFECT for ME yesterday.

A perfect day for me is sunny with a light breeze, in the 60's or low 70's, not a lot of humidity and a fresh smell.

It was like that here yesterday afternoon. I sat out on my son's deck with a book and thought, "I could do this every single day of my life." I had a beautiful view to gaze at too when I looked up from my book.

What is your perfect weather, where are you when you have it, what are you doing, and where do you live? How often do you get a perfect day?

I don't get too many in Wisconsin.


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That's actually a difficult question. I like it cool, not hot or cold...like lower 60's. I actually don't mind a gray, drizzly day. I have very good memories of gray, drizzly days. When I was a teen my family took one of those long travel-trailer vacations to the pacific northwest. I LOVE it there. I remember walking on the beach and picking up sand dollars and I was wearing shorts and a jacket and freezing! But it was so refreshing. And we explored the redwoods, wandering down trails and everything was cool and green. When I was in my 20's I went to visit an aunt in Seattle and it was like 100 degrees in Missouri, and 65 and rainy there and I loved every second. I lounged on her pergola covered patio, which was covered with hanging fuchsia plants in bloom, and napped and relaxed. It was perfect napping weather. The PNW is my favorite place in the whole world. I'd SO love to go back.

But I think my favorite are the cool, crisp, dry days of Autumn, when the leaves just start turning and the hot, muggy summer has ended.


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70's and sunny. I enjoy reading books on the patio or at our apartment complex's pool. I also like going for walks or (on rare occasions) going golfing.

That Missouri weather sounds heavenly MWM!!


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cubsgirl today it's cloudy and colder.

I heard about your snow. Hubby texted me that they may get snow up in Wisconsin tonight, although not a lot. Still.

I could easily live down here and like it. The only problem is that most of my kids are further north. And that is very important to me. Bart is five hours from Princess by car (and I'd never make the drive by car...by train it takes longer). Wisconsin is twelve hours away where Sonic and Jumper live.

My kids are scattered all over...I wish I could afford to live just over the WI border in WI, but you pay Chicago prices there and we can't.


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Yeah- we got 3-4 inches of snow yesterday - yuck. The rest of the week looks better but only in the 40's (and maybe a couple of 50's).

I hear you on paying Chicago prices - it is ridiculous.

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For me, I like a little warmer 75 - 80. I do like sunny days but do not mind overcast days as long as it's warm.

Lil's response reminds me of when I lived in Colorado, I had a huge covered patio and I would love to sit out there on rainy days. I would curl up on my chase with a light blanket and nap.

I do love the spring and fall here in N. Illinois. The winters are pretty brutal and summer can be very hot and humid. On the days it's hot and humid here I love to ride my bike or walk in the woods.

We had 3 inches of snow yesterday, looking forward to it melting and warming up.


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Interesting on those of you (lil and Tanya) who like overcast days.

I couldn't live in Seattle as I get SAD and need to use a light. The son almost makes me manic...lolol. I guess that goes along with my mood disorder.

Lil, I am not a fan of uber-hot weather either. If it was in the 60's all the time, I would be good. When it starts to climb into the 80's, and like Missouri...Wisconsin has high humidity...yuk. I am more apt to stay inside with air conditioning and my fan!


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I'm most comfortable in the low/mid-60s and overcast. I don't like heat and the sun hurts my eyes. I also burn VERY easily. I was cursed with the redhead's skin and eyes and all that goes with that, and missed out on the gorgeous hair.

My A/C goes on as soon as it hits 70. I keep my heat set at 65 or lower in the winter. If I get cold, I put on another layer.

I plan on GoingSouth once I get this place sold and moving down close to the WI/IL state line to be closer to friends and family. I am NOT looking forward to the summers at all.


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My perfect ideal weather would be 80 degrees, sunny, with a light breeze. I absolutely love the beach. I have no anxiety at the beach for some reason. When it's warm I love packing up the car, getting the kids, and heading down to the ocean for a couple of hours. I usually get in my exercise while I'm there by taking a nice power walk right on the water's edge. Problem now is the kids being teenagers don't like going anywhere with me anymore. We used to spend all day at the beach, and now we only last about an hour there. Still, I really enjoy my time while I'm there. I'm very fortunate to live about ten minutes driving distance from the ocean.


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Tanya, I know about the summers. I'm from Chicago, actually. I won't miss the winters up here.

I prefer winter to summer, given my choice, but our summers up here in the northwoods rarely get up into the high 80s, let alone the 90s.

The 40 below wind chills do get a bit old after a while, though.


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MWM, I've been wondering about that myself the last few years. Today it is 46 and sunny. Nice day.

Tonight we are supposed to get around 5" of snow and drop back into the low 30s tomorrow.


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Mid to upper 60s. Low 70s are ok too. Don't like rain or clouds at all. I don't like very hot weather or very cold either. Yep, mid 60s to low 70s is perfect in my book. We were in Southern California recently and this weather seemed ideal. Went to San Diego once and the weather was perfect. :) iIt seemed like we walked around a lot...something I can't normally do comfortably. Unfortunately, I don't live in CA and it's not easy for me to travel there either.


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I like it in the 70s, sunny, with a bit of a breeze. Unfortunately, here in sunny Central CA, such days are few and far between. It's supposed to be 92 on Friday.


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I prefer upper 70s, sun, little to no breeze, and... no mosquitos.

Its great weather to curl up in a hammock for a good read and/or a good nap. Preferably with a favorite furbaby.


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I would hate it, if the weather would be always the same. I love the changing weather and many different type of weathers. Basically I really love the weather where I live with four very distinctive seasons and I'm avid outdoors person around the years.

This time of the year my favourite weather is sunny warm days where temp goes up to 40 F during a day and down to 10 F during the night so snow stays icy and you can ski or even walk anywhere.

When spring comes, I love those occasional warm and sunny days when temp goes up to 60 F and you can go out in your indoor clothes and nature really wakes up.

Or those spring rains when it is so perfect to run and have all that oxygen coming in to your lungs.

Early summer is lovely with those windy 70 F days, when you can do so much and when the sailing is perfect.

Latter summer you get those hot days of up to 80 F when it is too hot to do anything but be lazy and enjoy the heat. And the nights when the heat eases and it is again comfortable to go to the walk or run and go out and do stuff.

And first brisk mornings of September when the temperature has gone under freezing during the night and there is ice on the puddles and it is so easy to breath after hotness of the summer.

And yes, sometimes even those dark and muddy rainy days of October and November.

And then comes the snow and eternal blue of the darkest time of the year and it is time to get your skis and snowboards and sleds out.

And then come those cold nights of the heart of the winter, when everything is standing still and it is so quiet. Only the snow under your feet is crunching when you walk and that -20 or -30 F frost bites your cheeks.

And soon sun comes back again and it gets lighter and warmer and you have those ideal 10 to 15 F days for all the winter sports.

If I'm not sick, there is not a day that I don't spend at least couple hours (usually much more) outdoors, run and walk with dogs, do sports, do garden work, walk or ride bike to work and so on. And I would absolutely hate it, if it would always be the same.
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Looks sunny today!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! I can walk or jog (and hopefully not get lost...haha). Yes, there is a very nice spring in Missouri.

I'm getting homesick though. I'd be a rotten traveler. I really like my own place, be it ever so humble. Still, Junior will be here these five days. Today Bart is picking him up after school.