What kind of ID needed to travel?

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    Does difficult child need an ID to fly? I don't know if I asked this already. He is 14, no ID. When looking online the airlines say "goverment issued ID" does that include minors? Where would he get one? I see Walgreens advertise for passport photos. Then there is the DMV. I have his birth certificate, just don't know where to get an ID.
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    We have had to deal with this one for Wiz to travel with my parents. We went to the driver's license place (tag agency) and paid $10 for a State ID card. It looks a bit like a driver's license, and just verifies who he is. the cost may be different in your state. He WILL need a photo ID to travel by plane.

    Anyway, it was a simple process but we did need his social security card and birth certificate.
  3. Fran

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    Passports are always good as well as DL.
    The state issued ID is good but I don't recall that we needed one before 16 but I could be wrong. I don't recall clearly.
    I would go to DMV and get the ID.

    Don't forget to not put any liquids in the carryon. They will toss it. Only enough to fit in a sandwich bag. I put all my make up in the checked bags. I have lost moisturizer, contact lens solution, cuticle scissors etc. It's annoying because you don't think about it.
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    You should call the airline and ask. I traveled within the US by plane with J, age 15 last summer, and he didn't need any picture ID as long as I had one. We do have passports for all the kids, however, in the event picture ID is needed.
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    If he has a student ID card with his picture on it, I believe that will suffice. It IS issued by a government agency (the school).
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    Some times they will take the Birth certificate. But if he is traveling alone, I would not risk losing it.
    ID at the Drivers License Branch is easy to get.
    I have had the girls Passports since they were little. They last 7 years. K just got her new one.
    We lived up near Canada and went there a lot. We have also traveled to Mexico a few times so it is easier to just pull that out.
    The girls also like having there own passports.
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    I can use Duckie's Nexus card, though we only presented her birth certificate while travelling last spring.
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    In my experince, none is needed if under 18 for travel in US. Compassioon
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    Doesn't he have a student ID? Even an old one? What about Ident-i-Kid?

    They'll probably call you from the gate. I'd actually want them to. Then you can verify that his ticket is valid and he has permission. Just a thought.
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    When Wee went to Colorado by himself last summer, he had to have ID. The camp recommended gov't issued rather than a school ID, so we got him a state ID at the local DMV. Just had to have birth certificate for it. Oh, and I think we had to have a utility bill with our name and addy on it to prove residency.
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    In regards to the liquids, the key to remember is 3-1-1. Three ounces or less, in a 1 qt size zipper top bag, 1 bag per person. It can not be a fold over type in other words.

    I found out the hard way to have any medications in their prescription bottles. I had son's in daily dispenser thing we have and got stopped to tell them what each one was and what it was for.

    Like the others said, going to your DMV for a state issued id is a good idea. Even if they do not require it, I think it is still a good idea for them to have it.

    Here is a link that might help you.

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    When Miss KT went to Washington with the school band two years ago, we had to get her a state issued ID. The school one wasn't good enough. We took in her birth certificate and her Social Security card, and she was way PO'd because DMV put both her middle names on her ID because they were on her birth certificate. I tried to drop the second one; she hates it and it wasn't my choice anyway, but no.