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    We have started the process to get Fred a neuropsychologist evaluation at a local hospital program. They said not to have him tested/evaluated by anyone else in the meantime. I get that. But the intake lady also said that starting (or re-starting) therapy would be a good idea. I agree, because, although Fred has finished his suspension and went back to school today, I have lost all hope that he will be able to abide by the rules, and fully expect him to be asked to leave the school. I've been researching alternative schools and how to get him into one, just to stay ahead of that pitch.

    He does not have an Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED), or a mental health diagnosis, just a long list of behavioral issues at the moment. I have to make sure he is registered in the school district (he goes to a charter school now) so that the district can make a referral. The neuropsychologist evaluation can take up to a month just to get an appointment.

    Okay, all that to say, in the meantime, to help my son not go completely off the rails, do I search for a psychiatrist? Or a psychologist? The last professional he had was a therapist (LISW, I'm pretty sure) and that was useless. Do I go for a psychiatrist, assuming he's going to need medication? I feel very much under the gun because I just don't know how long I have before the school just says, okay, we're done.

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    I would say find both. Find a team. One of each working in the same facility.

    My difficult child has a psychologist for therapy - was weekly for over a year and now down to every few months.

    The psychiatrist is the one to prescribe the medication.

    My difficult child's psychiatrist and therapist work together. The neuropsychologist doctor said the two were an awesome team. It is nice for difficult child to hear them support each other and know they are working together on this.

    We just accidently stumbled into ours. You may want to ask your child's pediatrician about a "team" or call the facility and ask the receptionist which psychiatrists seem to work with which tdocs.

    psychiatrists can also provide some basic testings to head toward a diagnosis.

    Your neuropsychologist staff may also have some suggestions? Ask who refers their patients to them.

    P.S. If you can get a neuropsychologist appointment in less then 4 - 6 months, then you have stumbled onto an opening very few people get (most likely a cancellation came up). It is a very very good thing! :)