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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, May 18, 2008.

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    As many of you know my dad visited me last week. On Wednesday, we picked wm up from day treatment/school & took him out to lunch. Dad wanted to see wm's school. We then drove wm home to group home so dad could meet foster parents & see were wm lives. All in all a good visit.

    Dad isn't "aware" of the in's & out's of day treatment kids. Dad wore his favorite sweatshirt from Fleet Farm. It says "Real men don't need instructions." I didn't think anything of it as we walked into day treatment.

    The boys at day treatment caught on real fast & chaos ensued. Dad asked staff if he should take off his sweatshirt & staff kept telling him "no, they need to learn what is a joke & what isn't".

    I felt so bad for my dad. But I couldn't stop laughing. wm loved dad's sweatshirt & promptly informed everyone "I'm a real man & you can't tell me what to do". That went over real well - NOT!

    SO.....don't wear that sweatshirt to a day treatment facility filled with young men with issues. They will take it to heart.:stopglass::highvoltage::rofl:
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    Linda, too funny. Thanks for the laugh.
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    :rofl: FUNNY!!!
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    LOL! I'm glad your Dad was able to hang tough. ;)
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    LOL! I like it!
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    OMGosh, Linda, thanks sooo much for the laugh, definetly needed tonight!!