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    Hmmmmmm....I just spoke with difficult child's ast. principal (Mr. G) and while I still don't have the full story, I'm intrigued.

    Seems that the discipline referral came from difficult child himself and not the teacher (Mr. S). Mr. G based the suspension on what difficult child admitted to and has NOT received a referral from Mr. S at this point.

    I told Mr. G that I wanted to get the full story partly because when difficult child came home Friday, he was the most humble I've seen him in a very long time. That alone sets off my "I need to get the full story" bells. Mr. G also stated that when speaking to difficult child, it was the best behavior he had ever seen out of him. He was respectful, remorseful and used his manners. I made sure I told Mr. G that I obviously didn't approve of difficult child's reaction BUT.....and then told him what difficult child reported to me. I said that while difficult child should not have reacted like that for ANY reason, I do have an issue with the situation if he was provoked.

    So, Mr. G is going to speak with Mr. S and then give me a call back. What we do from there I suppose will depend on what Mr. S says and/or whether Mr. G agrees with him.
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    I could just strangle that boy!!! :grrr:

    It turns out I was missing a few pieces of vital information. First of all, Mr. S (the one who supposedly "poked the bear") isn't a regular teacher....he's a para in the special needs room. He has difficult child twice a day and knows how he is, knows what not to do to escalate and normally gets along well with difficult child. The things difficult child claimed Mr. S said? Never happened. What DID happen was that Mr. S asked difficult child what was going on or if he was having problems because difficult child was working on Nova Net (a computer program that the kids can use to do a class). difficult child had been on the same page for three days and that particular page only had one or two questions on it. Mr. S didn't accuse, he didn't yell, he simply asked if difficult child was having problems. difficult child went off on him and called him a _____ douchebag. According to Mrs. T (difficult child's teacher of record) had difficult child done that with no other students around, nothing probably would have been done. But since this was said loudly and in front of other students, it's an automatic suspension. Also.....later in the day (this happened 5th period) difficult child was in a good mood, not angry and was excited at the thought of having 3 days off.

    So basically...difficult child did something he KNEW would get him kicked out so he could stay home for a few days. He also frequently asks Mrs. T to give him OSS or ISS so he can avoid classes. He signs himself out a lot and then comes back in time to ride the bus home.

    I'm so mad though that I could spit. I RARELY interfere with school discipline and only when I think there were extenuating circumstances. I feel like a complete idiot. I haven't said anything to difficult child yet. Partly because I want to calm down and partly because I KNOW it will be a fight. I would love to give him a list of chores to do during the 3 days but it won't accomplish anything. If he doesn't want to do something there is literally no way to make him do it. None. You would have to physically move him almost like a puppet and I am not capable of that and I'm not entirely sure husband could do it either.

    The only plus in this whole situation is that the school DOES know that we do what we can. They know how difficult child is and know that we can't MAKE him do anything.

    I think I'm going to go buy me a new helmet. My old one is pretty cracked up from being constantly slammed against that brick wall I bang my head on. :slap:
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    No advice but I just wanted to offer my support. Hang in there and try not to hit your head to hard!