What the heck could THIS be for???

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    I am concerned for my grandson and puzzled too
    Maybe your collective brains can make sence of this. Son called me today flustered and concerned and now I am. For the purpose of this post, I will call my sons ex Jane.

    A week ago, Grandson came to see my son and Grandson was wearing a neon blue something around his wrist and said Jane had told him it was a late birthday present (his birthday was over a month ago) and that he had to never take it off. He got teased at school for wearing it and took it off, but somehow she knew he took it off and punished him. How could she know? Grandson said it is connected to the computer. But why would she want him to wear this fitbit, as Grandson called it, at school?

    Jane no longer sends it to sons house. She obviously doesnt want son to examine it more carefully. The one time Son saw it, he wasnt really concerned. He didnt know that his son was being required to wear it at all times. Now hes wondering if its really a GPS and if so why? Or a recorder.

    Grandson is the only kid at school wearing a neon plastic band and he hates it and hates it being pointed out by his peers. But there really is nothing anyone can do about her demand. We cant make her stop. She is very controlling and paranoid.

    I am just wondering what is maybe going on. Any ideas? Jane is not exactly health oriented. She herself never eats healthy or works out and is extremely heavy...this is not a zealous overly health oriented mom worried sbout her son being too inactive.

    Im stumped. And sad for my grandson.
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  4. susiestar

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    Some of these devices have recorders in them. I would ask the courts to rule on this. At least make it so that BOTH parents have access to the data at all times. I think that this is something his lawyers need to know about.
  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    My son is hardly perfect but he wants the best for and loves his son. He doesnt see a need for a GPS. I have no idea what she is doing.
    This is a good well behaved little boy whose newst report card was all A's and B's with no conduct concerns. If anything, he is too timid. It breaks my heart.
    Susie, he is going to tell his lawyer. But he hopes to see the device again first.
  6. GoingNorth

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    It's a tracking and possibly listening/visual recording device. Son needs to remove it and go to the authorities and his lawyer immediately.

    Both parents have to consent to the placement of a device like that on a child, if t hey have any type of shared custody.
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    Thanks GN. He is too afraid of his mother to show anyone but if he brings it with to son's house again, Son will show his lawyer. She is probably recording this childs every word hoping he will say things at school she thinks she can use against my son. Im no expert but wonder if its even legal.

    Seriously two weeks ago she said J was threatening to kill himself and took him to the court sppointed psychologist (without notifying Bart) who said it was just Janes miscommunication. He deemed that K was not depressed pr suicidal. If you knew Jane youd know she made it up. She is trying to get the no-nonsense judge to appoint a guardian and thought this would do the trick. It dudnt work. The case is going my sons way big time. She will never give up though. I guess this is plan Z. She has tried many kooky things, all failed. I think she is Borderline. My son can be nice. Jane is never nice, even to her kids.
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  8. GoingNorth

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    SWOT, this is going from weird and nasty, to just plain creepy. I don't know how to tell your son to "be safe" without him becoming totally paranoid.

    I'm worried about a "if I can't have him, nobody will have him" scenario.
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    Unfortunate SWOT my mom was one of those types that would put my siblings and me in danger just to get at my dad and sadly enough, she almost succeeded a few times. If I would have told ppl her crazy plans when I was younger, I would not have been believed.
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    Me thinks I smell a rat.
  11. SomewhereOutThere

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    She is very posessive of this son yet she abuses him. She isnt smart, but she is sneaky and doesnt hit him, but she does many creepy things that cause Grandson to fear every moment he is with her. My sons home is his sanctuary. Son loves him desperately and grandson is crazy about him.

    Sadly it is nearly impossible to prove verbal abuse so Jane will still have him half the time. But sons lawyer, who has won everything so far, is probably going to make a case for full legal custody. My son did not ask for anything other than for grandson not to be moved out of his school and he will win that. But Jane is asking for full legal and physical custody so she wont get it but it will be addressed.

    My sons lawyer is awesome with a great rep. He is tall, very charasmatic, doesnt get ruffled and is very well connected in his county. He knows all the judges and what works for each one. This judge doesnt like games and doesnt put up with them. Jane is playing games. My son is smart enough to listen to his lawyer. He also usually presents as calm and collected, except to me...lol.

    The idea that J. may be wearing a recording device so that Jane can listen to everything he talks about has him really upset. He does plan to contact his lawyer.

    As for me, I agree that its creepy.
  12. susiestar

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    If it is a recording device, it is likely an illegal wiretap, ESPECIALLY if it is worn at school. Can your son take a morning or afternoon off of work and go to school to see Grandson unexpectedly in the classroom or on the playground? To take a photo of Grandson and the bracelet? This would get proof that Grandson is being sent with this exact bracelet to school.

    There are SERIOUS consequences for recording in a school as it violates the confidentiality of every single other student that your grandson is near. Jane could face civil and I think even criminal complaints if this is recording. If it is just GPS and both parents have joint custody but she is not sharing the data, she could be in big trouble also. At least here she could.

    I think your son needs to take cupcakes or some other treat to school or just stop in for some reason and call his son to the office to see if the bracelet is on his wrist. Then take a photo with his cell phone and a newspaper showing the date in the frame to establish the date on which the photo was taken. This way your Grandson isn't asked to testify that mom sent him on such a date, it is all there on the photo.

    I think Jane is nuts. I hope this is a recording device and that other parents find out and make the school press charges against her. Then hopefully the judge will see how unbalanced she is and give your son custody. She really sounds like a bad parent.
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    I agree with all of the above. I think it is a gps and recording device. I smell a rat too. I like the idea of son going to school unexpectedly and taking picture etc. He should let his lawyer know what is happening. Oh the games people play.....had sad his mom has to behave this way
  14. SomewhereOutThere

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    Susie, I will talk to him.

    Thanks to all.
  15. bertie

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    This is a Fitbit, a device that counts how many steps you take during the day - it is connected to an account on the computer. If anything, the grandmother is concerned that he isn't getting enough exercise. It's totally harmless and is designed to help the wearer figure out if he's getting enough "steps" each day - hence having to wear it all day. For anyone who still isn't familiar with the Fitbit, see: Home
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    There are GPS devices in use for kids worn like a wristwatch that can connect to the parent's smartphone. I have a friend who works for one of the major wireless companies and she keeps one of these devices on her child. Whether they can record conversations or anything else however, I can't say.
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    Maybe your son could google images and see if he can find the exact thing gs was wearing.
  18. Jabberwockey

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    No, this isn't a Fitbit. A Fitbit doesn't have a tamper alarm that sends the mother an alert when the child takes it off. A GPS device can have this.

    SWOT, IF it is also recording conversations around the child this can seriously backfire on her. Not just the issues previously stated, but if she tries to use snippets of conversations as evidence against your son its possible that a good lawyer can demand that ALL of these records be released to the court. If this happens then anything SHE said while the GS was wearing the monitor would have been recorded as well. Makes the whole verbal abuse thing a bit easier to prove this way.
  19. SomewhereOutThere

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    Thanks Jabber. Ex doesnt send it with grsndson anymore becsuse the one time she did Son took it off (grandson hates wearing it) and put it in his garage in a bag so nothing can be recorded.

    My son really has the top lawyer in his county who knows everyone well. In fact exs first lawyer (she fired two) used sons lawyer during HIS divorce last year...lol. Son is in very good shape. Ex is in trouble. Ex makes most of our difficult kids on this forum seem sane and nice. She is so abusive to grandson. And the Judge had no patience with her last time they met. She hired a general lawyer from another county too. Not really smart.
    No need to prolongue the case.
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    Could it be just a Fitbit? Is he overweight?