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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by barbie, Mar 10, 2008.

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    I guess I havent learned my lesson, today while I desperately searched for a daycare, any daycare that would take Eric, I told whomever answered the phone about the "special" situation. I feel like warning them is a good thing cause then they can tell me yes or no from the beginning, but gods if I dont hate the we can try and see. With kids like these, there is no lets see. Its just yes you can or no you cant. Like Captain Jack Sparrow said there are only two rules in life what a man can do and what a man can't do. Sorry to many repeated viewing of Pirates will do that to you.

    I am a single parent so its work or go homeless. I work, I work in a medical office and still Im clueless as to how Im supposed to help my kids.Im aggravated, depressed. I have the meeting tomorrow at Early Intervention for Eric and I havent the foggiest on how to begin to navigate this situation, I know cause theyve told me, he does qualify, but then what? So he gets behavior therapy and speech therapy and then what..when does the improvement begin, when do I stop going through a daycare every two months or so. When can I start to imagine that Ill get through to the boy?

    Just a random thought or question I guess, whomever has gone through early intervention with ur kids, Im sure most of you have, if and when did you get any improvement?
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    Has he ever been tested by the school district to see if he qualifies for Early Education? He could get help there. My son improved right away, but he wasn't mainstreamed until this year and he's fourteen. It all depends on what is wrong with your particular child. I also recommend a Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation. If there are any delays, I'd see a Developmental Pediatrician. Then you know what services you need.
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    Yeah they did the testing on Feb 26th, we do the staffing tomorrow, which is what is making me so nervous, at this point Im ready to give anything a shot, I just wanted to try and see how long I should give this daycare before they kick him out again..... I want to see improvement, enough improvement to keep him in one daycare but I wont hold my breath, I took him to work with me today and he tried going after one of the patients grandsons with a pen, it wasnt pretty cause I was in the room doing an EKG, so I couldnt walk out...oodles of fun