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    Hey everyone.....this is going to start out suspect....I have a friend...no really....it is one of my struggling son's friend that also is a bit of a slacker. Only difference is that my son has support at home and by all accounts (will call him D) does not.

    He is a 17 year old male that has opted to take the GED and leave high school. That happened about 5 months ago. He has not active parents...where they are is unknown. He lives with his elderly grandparents who are only able to give him a roof over his head. He has been looking for work in our immediate neighborhood with no successs. He does not have transportation and in our area there is not public transportation.

    Now I mentioned that he is a bit of a slacker but seems genuinely trying to look for work. His appearance began with the goth look but over the months he has come to realize that look is getting him no where fast. He cut his hair and is trying to clean up his appearence which I commend him for. I believe that he might be gay or at the least bi sexual so I am not sure the military is an option.

    So the question is....what is this kid to do? I have looked for job corp, peace corp type programs that will provide him a roof and food in exchange for work. But as you guessed no luck there. This kid has some potential but as I told him before he quit school - it is a cold hard world out there D...and if you do this you will see it earlier than most.

    I feel for him but have not found anything that could remotely help him. Any suggestions.....he seems drug free but is getting really down in the dumps.....thanks for any thing you might know of. ​
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    Did he get his GED? Are grandparents telling him he has to leave?

    Military has a Don't ask Don't tell thing going on.........or they did.

    Not much out there that I know of that offers housing with a job.........salvation army maybe? Didn't they used to do that?

    If he could stay with grandparents long enough for some type of tech school training it might put him in a better position for a good paying job.......FASFA will usually pay for such training.
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    I know that in my area the adult education program in our school system provides an entire support systems for these types of situations. They have social workers who help the students find housing, jobs and work out a school schedule so they can get a diploma or GED. You might contact your school corportation and see if they have programs like that. Oh, and we also have a program called Stepping Stones (which I think is a national program) that helps kids in this type of situation with affordable housing.
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    Have you checked into Job Corps? Alot of kids get training there and their living expenses are free.