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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jal, Jun 26, 2008.

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    should I be looking for? difficult child will be 6 mext month. We have had a behaviorist in our home when he was around 4. We tried "play" therapy for a bit but the appts were at night and he was just too far done by then to have it help. psychiatrist definately wants him in therapy and we agree, but the woman he tried to get us in touch with was unavailable and she recommended someone else. The therapist she recommended was the 1st one husband and I used back when we began this journey. We liked her and at the time difficult child was too young so she worked with-us on tips and techniques to manage him (didn't really help). So we met with her recently and she still seems to be talking about working mostly with-us vs. difficult child. She agrees after all we have been through that this is not a parenting issue, but I need someone to work with-difficult child. Who & what should I be looking for? I mean our goals are basically to reduce temper tantrums, give difficult child tools to try to calm down before exploding. UGH! I mean I really believe the kid should not be exploding and punching me inadvertently in the chest because I asked him to wait a moment before having an ice cream (IMMEDIATELY after dinner).
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    You just need to find someone willing to work with difficult child on those goals. Call them up, explain what you need, and see if they're willing. One of our best people that worked with difficult child on those types of things was a licensed clinical social worker...she clicked with difficult child and was able to give him tools he could use himself or I could use with him, like "code words" I could say that meant he was getting too revved up. Progress is slow at this age, but once we found someone willing to work with him, we made progress with it.
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    How long has he been on the Strattera? Is the exploding worse or better since starting it?
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    Find someone who is willing to with difficult child on anger management techniques. He can practice deep breathing, counting, visualization techniques, etc.. I almost wonder if something like yoga or even martial arts would be more beneficial. Theraputic horseback riding is also a great alternative to traditional counseling.
    Good Luck!
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    jal...off topic, but I LOVE how you call your pets easy child's! IT warmed my heart to see that...my husband and I privately call our pets the only easy child's in the house. ;)

    Good luck on your therapist search. I had the same problem as you when I adopted my children. They were completely out of control and we tried several therapists but they eventually would say the kids were too young to do therapy with. (They were 3 & 5). Finally at around ages 5 & 6 we found one who we've been with ever since but her expertise is in attachment and adoptees. She's good but I've been looking for the "right one" ever since. We tried play therapy with one once...wasn't very productive at all and we saw no change at all. My best source of help has been books. Good luck...
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    Sara - He has been on Strattera since the fall. The explosions are the same, no repreive no worsening.

    Change - Yes it is true they are so easy child. In our darkest moments it feels like we should have stuck to just pets!

    Christy - I have been seriously considering martial arts, but am scared to death he will use it on us! He is very interested in karate and I am thinking of it for the fall. I definately need someone who is versed in anger management and I am afraid this therapist is not, although I may just retain her for husband and myself. The stress is getting overwhelming lately. husband has been recently given a medical diagnosis (healthwise) which has us scared, he's retreating and not tolerating difficult child as he usually would. Luckily, last night was much better with-difficult child - no explosions at all. Phew!

    Thank you all.