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My easy child has turned into a difficult child. Big time. She is cutting, missing classes, grades dropping, and now last night I find out a friend has pierced her belly button in the middle school bathroom. She took out the hardware a couple days ago because it was infected. Now I am waiting for her therapist to schedule testing (presumably to find out levels of anxiety and depression) before scheduling appointment for consideration of medications.

difficult child continues to be a difficult child... Yesterday she missed her morning classes. She is failing 3 out of 5 classes, and today is the finals for two of those classes. She has been on Zoloft and another Rx for about 6 weeks. We see her prescribing nurse practitioner on Friday.

What to do?? So frustrated. Then I had a melt down last night, after husband got to play good cop to my bad cop. He crossed a line when he told easy child how adopting them was his choice and how much he wanted them. BS. He didn't want to adopt at first... And I was the one who suggested we separate/divorce because I knew I would resent him if we didn't adopt and I lost touch with them. Plus, I didn't want him to resent me for adopting. Yes, we later made the decision together, but him taking all the credit was more than I could bear.


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Wish I had a good answer. I am sorry easy child is turning to the difficult child side. I know I would be angry with husband for the stunt he pulled!!

Sending hugs your way.


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Sorry to hear about easy child's antics. I guess I would do what I usually do and take away privileges until she pulled up her socks and stopped the nonsense. Not that this always works at correcting whatever behaviour, I wish to stop or start, but it makes me feel better. As for medications, we've almost completely weaned difficult child and I think she's better. A pleasant surprise! Although things change on a dime around here so I'm holding on tight!

I hope easy child is just going through a quick phase!

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Ack! I am so sorry, Ksm. I'd be strangling my husband right about now if he did that. I'd have a meltdown, too. You earned that one.
And I'm sorry about your easy child/difficult child. Let's see what happens with-the testing. If this is sudden, it may be drugs, sorry to say. :(