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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Tammyr, Sep 26, 2007.

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    My daughter is in a Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) andwehad a meeting today and they said they belive she will need to go to a higher level of care. What would that be called with getting so much info today I never asked.

    Thanks, Tammy
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    I'm not sure how they classify levels of residential care in NY, but they may be talking about a PRTF or psychiatric residential treatment facility. These are secure units and are more medically intensive as they will have a nurse practitioner on staff at all times, more advanced staff available around the clock and the kids will see the psychiatrist much more frequently.

    My daughter is at a similar program now - it is a 6 month program. In our state a judge has to meet with the psychiatrist and parents to rule that they agree on a length of stay based upon the child's history and current condition.

    The kids usually have more complex issues with multiple diagnoses and do require longer terms of stay before being assessed as ready to transition to a lower level of care (non-secure).
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    Welcome Tammy - sorry I've missed this. :slap: It really appears that you have your hands full with your difficult child.

    I can only imagine that a higher level would be a more intensive secure Residential Treatment Center (RTC)/Residential Treatment Center (RTC) facility with a focus on the medications & more intense treatment. Are any of the professionals talking time frame for treatment? Are they considering a medication wash? Are her seizures under control?

    It appears that your difficult child has some pretty significant diagnosis's & a more secure, higher level of care is needed to address these diagnosis's.

    I hope you find answers soon. Please update us & let us know what is decided. :flower:
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    Perhaps they are suggesting a stay in a psychiatric facility (?).

    My daughter had two stays in a child's psychiatric facility ... she saw a psychiatrist/and therapist daily. They were more focused on neds - getting her to a therapeutic medication level.

    So sorry ...