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    Well, whats up ? I posted yesterday on Dammit Janets thread of Buck is back.

    So I thought I Better let you guy's who I am and way I'm here:
    I have four children, all grown in their 40's none of them diagnosis, but I HAVE doubt's about one of them for sure, all of my children are married and children of their own.

    So, what brought to you I have been browising your site since about Sept. and have love the posts in the Watercooler, I can realative to some and most, really. been there done that.

    I have a grandchild (Boy) I have not seen in 3 years, I do not know what I've wrong and I've said I'm sorry until I am blue in face:
    Birthday cards, Christmas cards,and any gifts are returned......they live less then 2 miles from me. We live a small rual area, so I have to check each time I go to store, dollar general etc to make sure they are not there: I don't to be walking down a store isle and see that baby, well he a big boy now- !
    1. someone would have to pick me up, I would fall to my knees crying.
    2. I don't want him to see me. I don't know what my daugher has told him why Mimi has come to see him, it would be best for him to just forget us. He was 4 when I last seen him, I saw him everyday before that. His Dad (sister in law) is a stay at home Dad and does a great I mean great job with him. The Baby (R) would just light up when he saw me. That about all I can write right now. It is so very hard to go there please forgive me.

    Now to you, how I have loved Star's posts, Dammit Janet, I mean this never NEITHER of you have any thing on me, I so could write a book, sitcom, a life time movie and still have **** left over-----I mean this.

    DDD I'm with you I too have lost sleep over Hope Remains, whats the deal? Let's send her to the naught coner cause this is just not right. but I need her need to check in....She better not have went back to her husband.

    Now, I want to say HAY TO:
    triedmommy, step to 2, rejectedmom, daisyface,Cw_Mi, Midwest Mom (your chrack me up), SuZir, Terry 12, Suzie Star, Nancy,rmc cart, love my sons, estanged, paperplate, runnawaybunny, wipedout mon (little dude) mom Now I save caifornablonde for next to last, next time the shady loan co. calls you tell you turn all paper work over to your attorney, I know you don't have one, BUT, THEY DON'T QUIT JACKING WITH THEM. Do NOT act like a Blonde (I'm sorry I could not help it)..

    Now to Hound Dog, you have my heart, I don't when Fred passed, but I feel the freshness in your posts, I was crying my eyes out with Molly, then Rowdy, OMG wow, even though I'm new here I'm sending everyone {HUGS}

    I lived life: family matter, So, I want to welcome each of you into my crazy life.....

    C-U Sassy, cause I'm just a little bit sassy!
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    Welcome to the board :)
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    Welcome. Love the name!
  4. Hound dog

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    Welcome to the family Sassy. :)

    Feel free to join us with grown children over in the Parent Emeritus board too.

    Yes, Fred's passing was just little more than a year ago. Molly and Rowdy were yet another blow........and it's not over yet. (so much for thinking 2013 would be a better year phht) I'll be posting about that in just a few minutes. I put it off because after Molly and Rowdy.....well, I'm getting awfully close to that straw that broke the back of that camel.

    Life is full of good and bad........if it weren't for the bad we'd never appreciate the good........so I keep reminding myself over and over.

    I'm so sorry you've not seen your grandchild in 3 yrs. been there done that and it is horrible, even more horrible it you grew close to them. While it might seem like it will be that way forever......well, you just never know.

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    MWM, thank you for stopping bye, I edited my post I was in a real hurried yesterday, did not do a good job proof reading my post, I did not mean you check my up. That just sounds wrong in all kinds of ways, I meant you crack me up! I enjoy you post, and I don't how to get my bio or proile at end of post, any help? Thanks

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    Hound Dog, Thanks you so much for your word of wisdom, I have a total of 9 grandchildren living, 1 deceased:
    and I thought loseing a grandchildren to death would be the hardest heart wringling issue I could go though, buddy was I wrong, the lost of a grandchild to death, your a griefing for two. 1. your griefing the child and loss of your future, of hopes and dreams. 2. Griefing the for your child, the is nothing you can do you can't fix it, make it better, kiss the boo-boo and make it go away, and all the while knowning your child is watching you for guideness, love and suppost.

    But, I can tell you not seeing a grandchild to so hardful, the is unspeakable, as you know= but with (R) I know I can not control any of it, it's out of my hands, however the pain is different because with (R), I wake up everyday with a sight ray of HOPE that maybe today will be the day, deep down I know that properly not going to happen and I'm not really I want it to while (R) has a good home, loving parents, lots of people to love him, to not being allowing him to see his MiMI, P-PA to me is metal abuise, and very controling, and I don't want to put the child through this again, 1. My heart could not take it. 2. I don't him to learn that family is a disposial item.

    Where as it the granddaughter that died, I know that is finial, she is not going to knock on my door, you grieve, your grief is hard- you have some rough patches during each year, and you work thru.

    Hound Day, Thank You, and I'm sorry about the new problem with dog # 3 you will be in my heart and prayers

    just a'little sassy
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