When difficult child is a grownup...

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    Many of you know that several mo's ago, difficult child broke one of the hanging glass pieces on our hallway chandelier by throwing his football around (he claims he dropped it--how do you DROP a ball UP the stairs?), plus he stole my phone for several wks and played games on it, to the tune of $94.
    He has to pay us back.
    The other day he said he had saved $17 and asked me if he could go to Target and buy a GameBoy video for a friend down the street. I asked if it was his birthday. He said, "No," I just wanted to give it to him."
    Yeah, so YOU can play it! THAT certainly throws altruism on its ear, LOL! But I didn't say that.
    Instead, I told him how very thoughtful that was, but he had to pay us back for the glass and games first.
    He gave me the change in his pocket--something like 34 cents--with-the comment, "I'll pay you a little bit now, and the rest when I grow up."


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    More like when pigs fly. :smile: :rofl: :nonono:
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    Sure he will Mom, right about the time he slides you into that retirement home. :rofl: :hypnosis:
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    :rofl:Definitely a difficult child statement. :rofl: