When easy child's prove they are easy child's

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mrscatinthehat, Dec 14, 2007.

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    husband messaged me from work to say he was going to pick up easy child from the roller rink. I was slightly freaking out without knowing why. She went with a friend (her mom drove) and was supposed to be picked up by the same mom.

    So of course in the 1/2 hour I waited for husband to get her and drop her off you can imagine all the horrific thoughts going through my mind. To my great relief easy child made a judgement call on a rule that I made a while ago when friends and boyfriends started being old enough to drove. She is not to ride with anyone I have not met (so that I might read the child to see if I want her in thier car). We have had a couple of debates over this (as with all things teenagers think are infractions of their rights).

    Well evidentally the mom decided she didn't want to leave the house and told the friend she needed to call her boyfriend to bring her home. easy child knowing how we felt about this (I had told her I wasn't keeping the car tonight because I am really tired and had planned to go to bed early) she called husband.

    While he was bringing her home she kept apoligizing for making him leave work to get her. He kept telling her it wasn't a problem that he would do anything for her at anytime all's she had to do is call.

    She came in and told me her story. She said she felt bad about husband having to leave work. I told her (again) that she needn't worry that that is what parents are for. If she needs us we will be there.

    Somehow this little victory in having her make a good decision feels so good.

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    Great job on easy child's part! You've got to be so proud of her!

    Great job on husband as well!

    You've got a lot to proud of with such a bright young lady!!!


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    Way To Go, easy child!
    You must be so proud of her.

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    I'm sure that was a tough call for easy child, too. I mean, I'm sure her friend was probably saying how the b/f was ok and all. (you know teens lol)

    Don't you just love these moments?

    Good for easy child for making the right decision and calling her Dad. Good for Dad for picking her up and reinforcing what you've taught her!

    WoooooHooooo!! :bravo: :smile:
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    You have a great kid, there. Absolutely wonderful.
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    :bravo: for easy child

    :bravo: for husband

    :bravo: for you! For doing such a fine job with easy child!