When housework feels good

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    I am not a fan of routine housework. It seems that it is always JUST finally nice in a particular room, and by days end, its a nightmare. Trails left behind of boots, shoes, coats, backpacks, glasses, pop cans, plates, magazines, books, video games, snack wrappers, and on and on. You all know the drill, especially if you live in a house like mine, where we all are guilty of bad habits (Mine is making "piles" of mail/flyers/paperwork, not sorting them or tossing old stuff, and then there are mountains or drawers full everywhere that haunt me, and grow!).

    So my house has gotten progressively messy. Not dirty. But VERY messy. As in, I'm not used to being this way and don't want anybody over. They'd wonder what on earth is wrong. Probably never believe the truth: that after 17 years of being a mom, housekeeper, chef, laundry queen, organizer, etc etc etc, I'm just sick of it. I want to just say Hey! I've been DOING it, every, single, day. And now? I am getting older, my MS slows me down and I don't want to spend ANY energy doing all this mundane busy work when what bit of energy I do have in a day I could use to do something that feels good or is enjoyable.

    But, every good thing must come to a end. And today I could no longer take it. Took under an hour to clean, dust, organize, vacuum etc in the living room. But I spent over 6 hours on it anyhow. Cleared through a large 4 drawer chest of paperwork. Sorted through over 300 books and organized my shelves. I let myself keep 20 books and the rest are ready to go to the shed in the morning in advance of a big garage sale I"m planning. I weeded through several hundred dvds. I framed the photos I've been putting off dealing with for over a year. I washed my drapes and rehung them.

    And it felt GREAT! I had to use a quarter tube of A535 rub for the pain in my muscles afterwards. But this room looks better than we first moved here 7 years ago. And I can't believe that although on the surface, a quick tidy made it company worthy. However behind cabinet doors and in drawers, was lurking hours and hours of mess to clean up and sort through. I tossed 2 bin bags full of paper stuff that there was no reason to have not tossed out the moment it arrived in the house. How on earth does that always happen to me???

    Tomorrow I'm doing my kitchen, including all cupboards and my walk in pantry and my storage room. I'm gutting stuff for my garage sale and organizing how I always like it but haven't seen it be in probably 2 years.

    Sometimes housework DOES feel good!! Now I need bead rattling that the kids will respect how much work goes in to restoring our home to the way it was. We ALL feel so much better when its kept to the standards that I always held our home to. It has been nice to take a break from the monotony and all. But the end result is worse than just doing what it takes each day. I had no idea it bothered me to have my house in disarray!

    Anybody else ever take a break from the day in and day out drudge? I will say honestly, I recommend it. I'm all refreshed after a year of letting myself let my standards go a bit and just living my life for the pleasures of the day without the dreary stuff. But its feeling REALLY good tonight to have at least one room restored to normality!!
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    I've been sloooowly trying to catch up, room-by-room, the past few weeks. I deep cleaned most of my bathroom this past weekend. I ran out of steam, but there's just a little bit left to do, and I love walking in there now! I have to tackle our guest room next... two weeks until the in-laws arrive for a short weekend stay, unfortunately. But that's another external pressure that will force me to do some cleaning that's been neglected for a long time.

    It is cathartic to throw stuff out. I'm kinda looking forward to getting rid of a bunch of stuff.

    So yeah, I can relate!
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    Good for you! I bet you'll feel great when the spare room is company worthy. I know what you mean about it being cathartic too.

    I'm just on my way now to spend the rest of today doing my kitchen. I'm dreading a couple of cupboards that have become "catch all" cupboards. And my lovely walk in pantry? I can't wait to have it back in ship shape. But I'm also loathing the process. The pantry has 2 out of 3 walls done in wall to wall shelving, they are packed. Along the other wall is a industrial tool chest nearly as tall as me (only place in house to keep it, it was kept at S/O's work until he was laid off and returned to school yet again), there are wheelie carts with drawers holding all my decorative paint supplies. There are knick knacks I had no use for in boxes and on the shelves, etc. It is going to be a complete chore. I'll just have to see the prize at the end, being able to use the space for its intended purpose again. I'm making it my goal to chuck everything to the garage sale pile that hasn't been used in recent memory, regardless of sentimental stuff or practical use, etc. No strings. If it isn't used, it's got to go! Wish me luck lol
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    It does feel good. We have a lot of people living in a relatively small space, so it seems very cluttered. But if we had to pack up and move to a "regular" sized house all of our stuff would look rather sparse. But I notice when things start to feel cluttered or dirty (I don't mind lived-in, but seeing dust, crumbs, paper... no) it has an effect on my mood. Just the same as when I go on a cleaning spree or just spend the day picking up I feel so much better. The clutter and mess can be opressing.