When I AM the difficult child

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    Hello all!

    While dealing with the chaos of a 15 y/o autistic who is now bigger than me, plus having DCFS (CPS) called on our family, plus needing to give time and attention to easy child, plus all the other household stuff that goes along with, I realized I've been manic and difficult child-ish the last couple of days.

    husband was apparently afraid to tell me after I freaked out about the laundry baskets in each room not being filled properly.

    I had a therapist appointment yesterday and see the psychiatrist today so that is all set up. I refilled my prescriptions yesterday and realized I had 10 DAYS of my mood stabilizer left on the previous script - this should have been zero. I don't have any idea how I missed that many days - I'm really good about taking my medications. I'm going to be really embarrassed to admit this to psychiatrist.
  2. Star*

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    Well Cubbie -

    It was ONLY 10, AND you can still count, and men are STILL afraid of you.........Look on the bright side.......Could have been.......15, you may have thought it was TWO and DF could be dumping loads of man-hooey on you. :imok::difficult child:Ithinknot. I see win/win here. :consoling:
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    I like Star's way of looking at it. THIS is why she is our STAR!!

    Sometimes we may think we are acting like difficult children when really it is the only sane reaction to our reality. I think the chaos of life is likely why you missed your medications. It is hard to remember them when you don't even get enough time with-o being hassled to pee in peace. I still remember telling my own difficult child that the reason it is called peace, and going to the bathroom is called peeing, is because you are NOT supposed to be talked to, yelled at, supposed to referree kids or anything else while you pee - you are supposed to have peace for that 2 minutes or so. I wa blessed - it seemed logical to my son so for a while he gave me that "pee-ce" in the bathroom.

    Cause when I didn't get that?? I didn't remember medications or anything else. HEck, at that time I got a really short haircut because I couldn't even rmember to brush it when it was longer!

    If you don't have a daily pill box, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get one. It can help you remember to take your medications.
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    In the midst of chaos...........it happens.

    Those pill boxes are great. And I should take my own advice and get one......except I keep forgetting lol

    Don't be so hard on yourself.

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    Oh geesh I have not even missed any medications and I have been a difficult child for 6 months. It happens!!! And it stinks - but unfortunately that is the perils of raising these kids.
    Many hugs and much strength.