When it Rains it Pours

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. StressedM0mma

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    We actually have an OK visit with difficult child tonight. Not great but the best so far. I get home, and easy child and her boyfriend said we are going to go to DQ do you want anything? I tell her what I want and off they go. A little bit later I get a call from boyfriend. "easy child just hit someone." REALLY!! Ok. husband goes over there, and handles it with her. No police were involved. That is good. But she did a number on her van. UGH. We just need a break.
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    Well, I guess it could be worse...

    At least she is a easy child, so...

    Just an FYI - insurance usually requires a police report, so if the other person files a claim... They might be out of luck.
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    Glad they are ok that is the important thing of course. I have had three accidents, only one involved the police because they were right across the highway and saw the whole thing (why I was hit in the first place, she was watching them)... the other two no police and no need.... but we have no fault in MN so I imagine it is different in different places....
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    Well, I guess it is good the the police weren't called then. Right? But I think that we will end up paying. On the upside, difficult child's stay is being covered. Our clinician ripped the insurance case manager a new one. And the clinician told me if insurance wouldn't pay put she felt difficult child wasn't ready to leave the hospital would cover the cost. The only way we would have to pay private patient would be if the psychiatric hospital said she was ready to be discharged and we wouldn't get her. Sigh. And, she needs her van to transport her instrument back and forth to rehearsals. It will not fit in my suv or husband's car. That is why she drives a minivan.
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    What on earth does she play, harp? I can't imagine what else is too big for an SUV. (car.. I can see. Lots of instruments don't fit in a car...)
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    She plays the double bass. And she has a 7/8 size. It is very tall. That is the problem. It is just huge overall. So, she needs the mini van to haul it. If I were to take it we would have to take seats out or Lie them down. Either way, only 2 people could ride in my car. If she drives she can take it and 4 people. Ugh. husband just went to bed. He is stressed. And, he doesn't want easy child to drive boyfriend home, so I guess I get to go back to being the chauffeur. Not fun. I guess they won't be kissing goodnight much.
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    Ok, I can see the "instrument OR people" dilemma... The smaller SUVs "should" be able to take the instrument plus driver and player. But you're right... you won't get any more than THAT into a small SUV. And no, a double-bass won't fit into a car. Unless it's a limo, and I doubt you have THAT. <wink>

    How bad is the damage?
    Is the van drivable at all?
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    It is still drivable. She just pulled the right front bumper out, and the headlight is sticky out alittle. She will need a new front bumper. So, it is time to get that J.O.B. that we have been nagging about for 3 months. We told her she will have to pay for it. (we will fix it, and she will have to pay us back.) It truly was an accident. But, it just happened at a crappy time. And, she beat herself up so much it was hard to even get super angry. She was crying saying she always makes everything worse. That we had enough to worry about with difficult child, an dthen she goes and wrecks it all and it is more $$. As she is sobbing.
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    We forget that the PCs in our families live under some of the same stresses as we parents do. It takes extra effort to hold their lives together - because of the built-in "drain". And no, it isn't necessarily difficult child's fault. But... there is a cost, to everybody, including easy child. And then... if her day already had some stressors in it... it doesn't take much to get a easy child-style melt-down. But we can live with that, right?!
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    I can handle a easy child style meltdown any day. And, you are very right. I think easy child tries to be extra "good" so that we do not have to worry about her. She has really gotten left out with all of the stuff going on with difficult child. The gfgness takes everything out of us right now. Even with her in psychiatric hospital is drains you. I will be honest, I am so glad that easy child is 18 and will be leaving for college this fall. At least she will be away from all of this.