When men just shouldn't be where girls are

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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    So my eye has 2 lacerations - have no clue how. But it is very painful. Ow to the nth degree covers it nicely. I go to the doctors office - (remember the one right next to the bank across from the beautiful Catholic church?:tongue:) And proceedure mandates for him to dialate my eye again and numb the eye because it really hurts.

    So while I'm in that part of town? I took the deposit to save gas, time and money. But now I can only see out of one eye. I walk up to the teller window and there is one other man in the bank at the other teller window and I say "Hi - could you add this for me please?" she says sure. THen says quiety "Whats wrong with your?"-and points to her face and makes a circular motion with her finger around her eye. And I look up and I said not meaning to be loud but in a quiet bank it sounded like I screamed - "I'm dialated again."

    All three other tellers turned around staring at me - I'm told the man nearly spit his teeth out on the counter....and left quickly - and me not thinking anything about anything looked up from digging in my pocketbook noticed with my one good eye everyone just STARING at me and smirking - and I said "MY EYE. MY EYE." and then I heard chuckles, smirks and then full-on laughter.

    THe girl who had been waiting on the man said he left so quickly from embarrassment he didn't even take his receipt. :tongue:

    Well ya know - he COULD have used the drive though or waited for the explaination - sheez.
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    I hope your eye gets better!!! OUCH!!!

    ROFL on the bank though. Sometimes people just do the oddest things.
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    I think you should say the sight of him blinded you and now you're going to file a law suit. How could you let such a cretin enter your bank???

  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Susie, our little Starbie just can't seem to help it! :rofl:

    What the... are you sword fighting again?! DF really needs to keep his eye on you...

    Maybe you should have worn your patch? Arrr!
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    The closest I get to saber, foil or eppi any more is: saber tooth exibit at the museum, tin foil after a picnic, and someones sad idea of a perfect Christmas gift - the epi-lady, but after the first & LAST ever hair-ripping event? I would liken an Epi-lady to shaving WITH an eppi or duct tape.

    It just never fails - Saturday I was in my favorite little outlet store. I alotted myself the cash to go buy a new bra as I've lost enough weight & it's time to get a new one. So I'm not exactly sure how much weight I've lost (you know where) so I was trying to be discreet and pick out a few. But the E.N.tire time I'm trying to look - there stands this man with his wife and Mother and he's not just speaking to them in Spanish - he's cracking jokes about bras, womens body parts, and women....and then says in Spanish "Good thing that lady doesn't understand me." (and well I guess I did didn't I?) :( :mad:- I'm really working hard to IGNORE. Finally they all walk away. And I know for a fact that I heard him speak English to the 3 or 4 little cousins that were there as well. Exhale - Okay, ugh back to picking out stuff. Just breathe - this is YOUR day - new bra....maybe a nice shirt - or necklace....roll with it. :D

    I picked out about 10 bras to try on and went and told the clerk that I was going to be in the changing room a while, had lost weight and didn't want them to think I was stealing bras.
    I went into the dressing room and who do you think was sitting in there? OH no. NO. GET OUT. He pretended not to understand English. Que? Que? I said "No...get out." again. "This is for women sir. You can't be in here." Que? No comprendez. Then he would smile. Sit back down and cross his arms and just grin. I asked really nicely (for me) one more time and he just looked at me and shrugged like "I have no idea what you are saying." I said "No Senor's - SENORITAS....AQUI." and pointed to the sign on the wall that had a woman in a dress and in two languages English and Spanish said - Womens dressing room.

    Now I'm angry. This is MY day -I never treat myself to anything. And there I stand bras in my hand waiting for this bozo to get out of the comfy chair while I listen to the family talk about me standing outside asking him to leave in my "broken Spanish" and laughing at me. The clerk walks by and says "No rooms?" and I said "there is a man in there. I asked him to leave but he says he doesn't understand English, I tried to ask him nicely in Spanish, but he won't go." So she went and got the manager who had no better luck than I did. So she said she was calling the police, but had to go get her phone at the back of the store. I flipped out my cell and in Spanish asked for an officer to come to the store because this man wouldn't leave the woman's dressing room after being asked in English and Spanish. Then I said "winking - because I had not really called anyone" The dispatcher is sending a bi-lingual officer right away and the man will be probably be arrested as a sex offender. :tongue: - Said that in English.

    WOW - you can't imagine how fast people can move when they don't speak English, but all of a sudden understand the words arrested, sex offender - and police. Odder yet? A police officer DID cruise through the parking lot about 15 minutes later on a routine cruise - but what perfect timing. And even funnier - the manager stood at the door as they left and said -"Did you understand THAT conversation?" and just laughed.

    I went about my business - and found a nice bra - and enjoyed the rest of my day - but I swear the look on his face when I asked for the 911 operator in Espanole? Yeah - worth every frustrating morning with my Honduran pipe crew - (thanks for the lessons guys).

    WHAT IS IT with women who HAVE to have their husbands IN the dressing room or standing right outside the dressing rooms where you KNOW they can see my 1/2 nude body through the cracks....makes me want to ask as I go in if he wants to just hand me the .50 now or drop in in the slot after I disrobe to feel at "home". UGH. :mad:
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    Star, I don't think I've ever actually seen a man inside the dressing rooms before! Usually they're standing around outside the door holding their wife's purse for her and looking extremely uncomfortable. That's where they belong!
  7. Hound dog

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    LMAO Starbie!

    Sorry about the eye. OUCH Had contacts do that to me once. I haven't tried wearing them since.

  8. 1905

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    Yuck!! I was traveling this summer, and at a rest stop there was man inside the ladies room sweeping the floor. When I walked in, he grinned a creepy grin and made a motion with his arm- like for me to step right into this stall here. I turned around and left. I told husband who offerered to get the man out, I said forget it, and left. GROSS.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    OMG my family is just -----well you'll see.

    I told Dude and husband about the man in the dressing room. Last night husband hands me a "velvet bag" and says "YOUR SON (love it when he's MY SON) dropped this off for when you go out shopping again"

    I grabbed the bag and laughed thinking - oh it's pepper spray - pulled out the little box and it's a tazer. OMG - can you see me? In a Belks dressing room?
    "You...Man...Get out!"
    "Vamanos, esta por Senoritas!."
    -grin "Que?"
    Me - digs in purse zzzzzt....ztttt
    giggity giggity giggity.......zzzzt.....zzzzt..

    Yeah - i mean the visual was funny until husband actually lit the thing up and zapped it and this little box means business. I bet it would roast a hot dog with the press of a button. No thank you. ---puts back in velvet bag and asks -IS THAT THING LEGAL....(worried now someone saw the arc of electricity from the road) Sheesh...ohhhh Duuuuuuuude Momma wants to talk to you. :surprise:
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  10. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Too funny!

    We were in a feed store not long ago, and difficult child 1 was quite enthralled with the cattle prods and various other electrified "training" instruments they had. Thank goodness it was under lock and key. The clerk said they had to put them out of reach because customers were innocently testing them and people were getting a rude shock -- usually it was some difficult child guy trying it out on his girlfriend... :p

    difficult child 1 was disappointed I wouldn't let him buy one. That's JUST what we need in our house....:highvoltage:
  11. susiestar

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    The only person in MY house to have a cattle prod or tazer is ME! "cause I'm the MOM, yeah yeah yeah! Cause I'm the MOM! yeah yeah yeah!"

    Yes, I DID sing that LOUD in Atwoods the day Wiz was moaning about wanting a cattle prod. He turned 6 shades of red, tried to put a hand over my mouth (I bit him. HARD.), and then begged me to stop. When he left the area and promised to NEVER bring up wanting one again I stopped singing.

    A terrible voice is a beautiful thing to have. If you are the mom of a difficult child.

    As for the guy in the fitting room, you handled him beautifully.
  12. GoingNorth

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    husband would quite happily wait and provide input as I came outside the dressing rooms to show him the clothing I was trying on (he was great at checking how stuff fit in the rear, LoL)

    BUT, when time came for me to try on bras, he basically went to look at the fishing tackle or men's underwear or the like. I knew he'd be back in half an hour.

    I asked once if he was embarrassed about being in the lingerie department and he wasn't really. What flapped him was the other women coming out to show off sexy nighties and the like to their partners.

    He certainly knew I had to buy bras and undies and the like, but while it didn't bother him at all to see ME in same, it mortified him to see other women like that.

    He said it made him feel like a voyeur
  13. Marguerite

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    When I went on my final shopping trip for the Mother of the Bride outfit (I had several attempts, most dismal failures for various reasons) husband actually ASKED to come too. In shops where the changerooms were single, he came in with me. In larger stores with changeroom areas he stayed in the lounge area (well away from anywhere he could see people undressed or undressing) AFTER asking for permission. I would try on the dress (getting help from the shop assistant if husband was not able to come help me) and then walk out to show him. He was a darling about it all, very helpful, amazingly patient.

    But if anyone had tried the "no spikka da English" routine and was in a dressing room unwelcome, I know the store would have had security there in a flash. They have walkie-talkings plus mobile phones. If needed, reinforcements would have arrived fast, the police close behind. The mall's security tapes would have been grabbed, the bloke would be in deep doo-doo so fast his head would spin.

    That's why we always ask. And then do what we're told. In whatever language.

    I wonder how often that guy plays that trick? And why his wife would put up with it, with him clearly using the opportunity to ogle other women and verbally degrade them?

    The other thought occurs to me - what were his family doing while he was being so stubborn? Was anyone counting how many outfits they took in vs how many they brought out? Because his behaviour would have been a very effective distraction to heavy-duty shoplifting.