When the school is the difficult child: Suspensions and Zero Tolerance


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I know many of us have dealt with schools who act a bit difficult child themselves when handing out suspensions. Sometimes it helps to know you are not dealing with the only crazy principal. Share your most ridiculous suspensions!

For Tigger, he was suspended in 2nd grade for building a gun out of legos during free play, because it was a zero tolerance violation to have something that 'looked like a gun'. Shockingly, the dangerous legos were not removed from the classroom @@.


difficult child was suspended for trying to hit his brother (his brother provoked him big time, verified by witnesses). When easy child/difficult child got home, he was punished by ME since the school didn't do a darn thing.


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DD2 was suspended in PRE-K for sitting down in the lunch line. Something obviously happened, but since she refused to talk she got the boot.


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J has been given multiple warnings for disrupting the classroom with body odor. NOT passing gas.

He's an almost-13-y/o BOY, duh. He DOES shower. Next step is probably a doctor's note.


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(This is an old thread but I thought it was a good one so here it goes!) When difficult child was in Kindergarten he got suspended for 3 days for swinging his coat around and hitting the teacher with it. It was after school and we were outside the classroom and the teacher was talking to me about his behavior (which he hates -being talked about in front of him).


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difficult child son has been suspended from school (I was called and asked to bring him home) for noncompliance behavior and refusing to work in the classroom. This is after the shool has hired a behavorist to come in and work out a behavior plan which they are still tweaking. This is the third time this year I have been called to bring him home. He was also suspended for a day because he "stabbed" another student in the hand with an open paperclip. He told me the other student grabbed his shirt, but there is still zero policy. I do not know if the other student also got suspended.
My gfg14 was suspended (one of MANY times this last couple of years). He had been sent to the dean's office for not doing his work. The dean left the room for a minute after reading him the riot act. difficult child had asked if he could have a piece of candy out of the candy jar on his desk, was told no. So dean came back, called me to come get him for non compliance. Went and got him (from work) took him home, went back to work. Got a call from home about an hour later that the Dean had showed up at the house looking for the jar of candy he thought difficult child had stolen. Turns out he had just stuck it under the chair he was sitting in. He got an additional 3 days.
My Kinder was suspended for 5 days the day after a break for hitting his neighbor with a folder. He was suspended of various things for 22 days in Kinder.