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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Ahhhhh the holidays. :drinkntypesmili1:

    Gosh the irony of the whole thing this year is just about to (wish there was a smily face icon wrapped in twine that unravelled himself insert here make whir noise) make me crazy. Thanksgiving Day I worked and what an eye opener. Twelve long hours of people throwing down, beating the snot out of each other, yelling, screaming, wanting to kill each other. It was the most ridiculous day I have spent there to date. I figured there may be accidents, or things like that. Lots of EMS calls for choking, and we saved lots of people from sudden death by eating too fast. But if we took 3000 calls? 2500 of them were for family arguments, fights, and neighbors calling about other neighbors parking on, or near their yards, and getting into fights OVER that. Honestly? Really people? You can't go out and just say? Could you move your car? Ugh.

    We did not celebrate the day. Why bother? After a day like that who wants to come home and have dinner? lol. I had Fruitloops planned. DF made broccoli soup and biscuits. This is the first year in a long time that I think we all "COULD" have been together....and yet...again we were not. So it got to me. K and the baby in Illinois. They're doing fine, except I don't think her and Dude are going to every get together. Her family hates him, and are begging her at every corner to never see him, never let the baby see him. He's in FL, and going to school for his GED, and has plans to go to college after....but his behavior and depression get the best of him and I swear I'd love to shake him until his teeth fall out. Ive never seen two kids who love each other or like each other and fight like they do. OVER THE PHONE...detach.....detach.....detach. (oh my word....I love them but they fight and then each one texts me and Im so glad I work 12 hour shifts) because usually by the time I'm done working it's blown over.

    Well this fight? He dropped that good old F bomb on her...followed by U....and it also included for whatever reason one for ME. Holy Coyotes.....what did I do? I got up at 4 am and wished him a Happy TUrkey day and said I love you. ??????? SOmehow her text got sent to me....and I am just gobsmacked. F me? Nice. Very very nice. Gosh mom I need XX for school can you help? Then nothing, then F U two weeks later??????? Hhhhhhhh.mph.

    I haven't gotten a word from her.....or him......and I don't think I'm going to send one either. I think she was trying to fwd the text to someone else and had a blonde moment......and now it's like OH CRUD.....she had sent me a picture of the baby before that. Uh huh.......bummer.

    Oddly enough - the day AFTER Thanksgiving......there WERE lots of accidents.....(and not just the F bomb fwd text) ......and it seems so IRONIC to me.......Lets all try to kill each other on Thanksgiving, get into HUGE family fights,,,,,,,,,then run to the mall and buy each other a lot of presents......because we LOVE ONE ANOTHER. (BLARGH)

    I told you------I really do like my dogs more than most people. I'm off to Petsmart......Santa Paws IS coming to town. The only poopin MY WAY those kids do is in the backyard where they're supposed to. And they don't text either.
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    Don't you just love Working With the Public? Really does a number on your faith in humanity. Sigh ... sorry it was such a brutal couple of days, Star. And sorry to hear about the mis-sent text. Such a nasty, disheartening thing to happen. Maybe some silence from your end will do some good.

    And fur friends ... unconditional love, no agendas other than 'You're the best person in the Universe!', no manipulation (other than big puppy eyes when dinnertime's approaching). Ahhhh .... an hour spent with a fur friend is better than a day at a spa.
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    Awww...Santa Paws. Watcha getting the pups? Im trying to figure out what can top deer legs. I swear when Abby sees Tony pulling into the yard with a deer her eyes light up and all she thinks is "there are 4 more legs!"
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Gaawd Janet.......Dasher and Dancer down??????? Prancer Cupid Donner Blitzen to go? Comet Vixen runnin like their antlers on fire mannnn. (Don't let the sled hit the roof at the Dammit Janet house, Got a dog there that;ll eat your legs off crew........MUSH MUSH or run run or ON SO and SO......" however you get magic reindeer to fly......then again.....if they're magic and they fly.......?????? DO they really NEED legs? I mean could they just hover over the roof and not land?

    Katya.....A minute spent with my furkids is better than anything......I love them so. Their loyalty knows no bounds. Their humor is immeasurable and what they give I could never begin to pay back in kibble and toys....or reindeer legs.

    Bet they don't have THAT on the list at Petsmart.
  5. recoveringenabler

    recoveringenabler Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Geez Star, I'm sorry, you got way too much reality for one day..............maybe at this point, Walmart (from another post by you) is lookin' good! I think we have to spread out our exposure to humans sometimes................you were overexposed for sure...............(((HUGS))))
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    DDD Well-Known Member

    Janet........you have deer with five legs in the Carolinas?????? OMG! I'll stay in Florida, thank you!

    Starbie.....you are wise to go into "silent" mode. Chances are neither of them realize they messed up. Stay out of the fray...or the frey...or whatever to heck it is called.

    Happy Holidays, Starbie! DDD (who hoped to no longer be Ace's Mom, lol)
  7. buddy

    buddy New Member

    Sorry Star, sounds way to intense for me. I'm sure the pilgrims would have eaten frootloops if available. LOL
    Janet, do you ever give dogs the antlers? They sell small parts of antlers in petsmart for a lot of money! Supposed to not splinter like bones and have lots of minerals. Maybe you could saw them up and put Christmas ribbons on them.
  8. Calamity Jane

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    Star, I definitely would've figured Thanksgiving would bring extra 911 calls for choking or car accidents, but certainly not for family fights, parking fracases, etc. Maybe people are drinking too much at dinner and all hell breaks loose? I don't know what to say - that is appalling. All I can offer is my gratitude and empathy for you and people in EMS and law enforcement who have to respond to these shenanigans while sacrificing their time with their own family on the holiday. You are all unsung heroes.
    After the day you had, I can imagine you'd need to take a long, hot shower to just clean the pseudo-slime off yourself after your shift. Don't let it get you down, Star.
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  9. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    No antlers. I couldnt pry them out of Tony's hands...lol. I am thinking of taking them and making a chandelier though.

    you would never believe what good dog toys the lower leg is though. From the knee bone down, including the hoof. They do stink for a bit until the dogs chew the hide off them but after that it is fine. The bones are so hard that they last for a long time. I have two real chewers in my house and Abby will toss hers up in the air and try to catch it. She takes one of feet with her to bed with her every night. Now she has other type of bones outside but they are bones with more meat on them. And they absolutely love it when they get the organ meats when he kills them. He splits all those up between the 4 dogs.
  10. Star - That does sound like way too much human ignorance for one person in such a short amount of time. Hope you're starting to recover.

    I think you are smart to have 'radio silence' for a while and just wait to see what happens.

    Janet - Ewwwww! Way too much information for me. I have dogs too but I just can't picture my dog playing with Rudolphs' leg. Blech! LOL.
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    ROFLM ANTLERS off............SO......I'm driving down the road yesterday right? And I'm trying to place a call to Janet to see how Billy is RIGHT? And as I'm driving down this country road, doing 34 mph......I look over and someone has hit a deer. Two thoughts go through my mind.....but I laughed into the phone and said "HEY JANET.....want me to pick you up a few legs?" and then I thought......"WHY am I never prepared for such "road side attrocities?".......I'm in the van with no really good surgical tools, and the deer is a fresh hit. I call home to DF and explain that I could come back, and get a saw.......so the dogs could have the legs and understand HE is a FARM BOY .......and nothing is wasted.....but there was just A B S O L U T E silence on the end of the phone......and I guess it probably would have been better if I had explained to him that JANET gives deer legs to HER pitbulls.....and well I forgot that part (silly me hahahah) and DF was like.....When you left here you were going to Publix to get some bones from the Butcher????? Is there something about the bank account you're not telling me or did you spend too much time in the bathroom reading my Field and Stream how to tan a hide in a bathtub issue? .........:rudolph:Um.......WHAT? No......so I had to explain this......and then we decided that a woman, perched over a road kill deer with a buck knife or a saw hacking off it's legs on the side of a semi-traveled road would not be in the best interest of my image......so I just packed the thought away with so many thousands of others.......(and trust me this one is in a file of few and far between......I mean how often do you see a dead animal, on the side of the road and think OH WOW I'd love to have that?)

    So anyway.....I did what any good Mom would do ......I came home and shared Froot loops with everyone. $2.34 a box at Walmart. (generic of course) .......

    Makes me think of that book Janie sent me from New Zeland......(OH and by the way I got to talk to her on the phone and SHE IS JUST AS LOVELY OVER THE PHONE AS SHE IS ON THE BOARD) I love her!!!!!!!! She's the older sister between the two of us (snort) anyway that book Wonkey DOnkey------where the donkey has THREE legs? ROFL.....I still sing that song in the shower.....He was a winky wonky, honkey tonky, stinky winky donkey.........and he was GOooooood looking. MMMMM. Did you know they can't get hot chocolate in New Zeland? OH and her son is a bonafide Fire Fighter now!!!!!!!!! So proud of him!!!!!!
    Her accent is the most lovely thing I've ever heard. It's like Harry Potter Extreme. She was talking about the making of the Hobbit too.....I can't wait to see that. And her......sigh! SOmeday.
  12. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Janet, Star, I think we were sisters in some past life. :rofl:

    Fresh kill? I might have come back with my axe, had I known dogs liked the legs so much. As it is..........easy child hit a deer not long ago. (yes again, and no thankfully it didn't do much damage to her or the car) But it did hurt the deer. When the sheriff arrived and made the report, she didn't consider keeping the deer once he put it out of it's misery when he found it. I scolded her. (joking) Told her she wasted a perfectly good deer. I let that sink in, then told her the sheriff dept has a list of people waiting on such kills. They get called to fetch when one is made. If I had a truck............

    I guess coming from such a difficult child family I never had the false impression that every family is a Norman Rockwell painting. Actually I assume the opposite most of the time and let myself be pleasantly surprised if that is not the case. However I don't recall a bad holiday that way growing up. Imagine an entire family of difficult children managing to hold it together for holidays. (child and adult alike) And other than one rage episode due to sensory overload with Travis I don't recall any issues as an adult either. I think I lucked out. No, I know I did. And I fully appreciate every moment. But I know most of my friends families holidays were like attending WWIII........some of my siblings are that way too. ugh (why would you want to go??)

    Good idea to leave that text alone. It was a mistake and those two kids need to figure out their relationship alone. Nichole and her husband fought like........well, you just wouldn't believe.....and here they are all these years later. Severe case of "not knowing how to argue correctly". Maybe that is Dude and his Lady's issue.

    Santa paws will hopefully be bringing Maggie Lambchop. Not a lamb chop but the Lambchop.......as in huge dog toy I spotted at Wallie world. Last one I bought became Oliver's favorite toy. lol Travis got her an enormous hedge hog. I reminded him one of us would have to pick one up for Molly too. Some special nummy bones........and I have to think of something extra nice for Rowdy that is also cheap. Kitties get left over shrimp, they don't complain. lol
  13. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Who would think anything about something hacking up a deer? Anyway, you should have just tossed the entire thing into the back of the van and brought it home to clean for the dogs. Plenty of good bones in that for the dogs...lol. Heck you could just throw the stupid thing into the far corner of your yard and they could devour it for weeks...lmao.
  14. Tiapet

    Tiapet Old Hand

    Sorry your day was horrible. I can't say I'm surprised actually. I have known family feuds, neighbor feuds over parking.

    As for the mis directed text.....all I can say is maybe it's a good thing it wasn't a sexting text?! :bag:
  15. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I do know TWO things ----1.) from my insurance agent.......I......will never HIT a deer. THE DEER HIT ME. (not joking) it makes a difference on your report and the compensation. Do not forget....."Well officer that deer just jumped out of no where and HIT MY VEHICLE." -----don't believe it? Call your agent. They will tell you to tell Hwy Patrol......THE DEER HIT YOU. (picture deer with a club and sneeking out from a ditch yelling OLLY OLLY OXEN FREEEEEEE)

    2.) In SC (as civilized Southerner -think Scarlett O'Hara) I'm not quite yelling "BY GOD AS MY WITNESS I SHALL NEVER BE HUNGRY AGAIN." ......and look longingly at road kill. However....The DNR here (quite removed from really doing any LIFE SAVING animal jobs....) will JUMP at the chance if you mention - ANIMAL IS WOUNDED. Say the words "rabid" squirrel or fox? It's kind of a "Meh" shrug phone call. I had a man tell me his children just came in from the back yard where they were PETTING the fox.....broad daylight...and he wanted DNR to come get the "OBVIOUSLY" injured/sick/possibly rabid animal. "NOPE"-----call a pest removal company. The man on the other line said "Well how does he KNOW it's rabid?" (I just said thanks and hung up and told my supervisor - we processed the call and let THEM refuse it)......and then there was the call from a woman who said "A squirrel just attacked my dog!" again "NOPE" call pest control. An owl is dead ......"Bag it and toss it"......seriously? You even possess a feather and it's a federal offense of some species. SO my luck a woman with a van and a hatchet on the side of the road would have them coming out of the woods in Guilly suits.....and arresting me for molesting a deer. (that's what they call it here when you BOTHER wild life) Which lends MY mind to a WHOLE other line of thoughts......none I care to write about living where I do......but none the less. I left the deer Unmolested. And sadly----the state will argue with the county, the county will argue with the state.....and the thing will lay there and rot, and stink.....and then some farmer or construction worker from 1/2 a mile down the road won't be able to eat lunch and will come and bury it in the sandy banks of where it was hit by...........I mean where it jumped out and committed suicide by hitting a car. Honestly when did the world HAVE to be forced into thinking so backwards to please the moronic society?
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well funny you should mention that TIA.....j(and trust me it's not funny) but Dude had sent his laptop to me about a year ago to see if a friend of ours could fix it, and the friend moved. So I work now with the KING of IT geeks......the man is amazing. I've never met anyone that blows my mind with gadgets like he does. He's incrediby bright. So I was going to take Dudes computer to him and see if he could fix it. Ahhhh but being the mother of a difficult child and now working for Law enforcement.....I have to think outside the box.......so I called Dude and said "I was going to surprise you and get the laptop fixed" ......he said "That's awesome Mom, but I really use my phone for everything. If you do you keep it." I'm kinda surprised....and then I said "Well I don't want it but I wanted to know since this is where I work would they find any "Odd pictures" or music of discriminating behavior in there? And he said, and I quote "No not really just naked pictures of ??? .....???"(wow really you had to pause and think? ) I was like "NEVER MIND" I guess that computer will never be fixed. EVER. EVER.....blech.....Seriously......Boys are so ........Blech. Really? :Blech. Who wants to have THAT fixed and go in and pick it up and face the tech????? (oh me.....pick me.......me........) blech.
  17. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    LOL...Star, when I have to clean of my SD card out of my camera I close my eyes because you dont even want to know what I find if Cory and Mandy have had access to it. They take videos of the oddest things. And one time I went to Cory and quietly asked him...Son, who was holding the camera? LOL (It was a video)
  18. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    I tell you what, I was (almost) floored when a shooting OVER A PARKING SPACE AT WALMART ON BLACK FRIDAY in my hometown made the news HERE. Here being like 800 miles from my hometown. Seriously people?!
  19. Calamity Jane

    Calamity Jane Well-Known Member

    I was just reading in either the NY Daily News online or the NY Post that a young woman stabbed her half-brother in the neck with the giant fork you use to carve the turkey. They were having an argument and she just lost it and grabbed the fork. Geez. He's going to recover, thankfully. Happy Thanksgiving!
  20. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Oh now...you know parking spaces are worth a whole lot on boyfriend! Sheesh people.

    I was ticked off I couldnt get a handicapped space. Mutter, mutter, mutter.

    Oh speaking of that, I absolutely get so ticked off when people park all around the handicap spaces. Yes there are lines on the asphalt marking off the parking spaces and those diagonal lines mean dont park here! But everyone does and I am afraid to because I am scared that it would be MY car they tow away!