Where do I get an advocate?

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Ropefree, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Ropefree

    Ropefree Banned

    My son is adhd in hs with one and a half years to go. He was iep and that was switched by the school last year.
    His evidenced testing was very high and even the low score that qualified him for the iep, according to the school, "is good" however it is writting and therefor all his classes since the iep switch are dropping.
    I can not do the advocating on this:the reaserch and the paperwork due to my disability issues. and I am plain sick and tired of the schools indifferance and avoidance and the whining of the teachers. Oh and the lieing.
    I am not one to reflect when others are lieing using the adverb lightly. I am at my limit with this and also the fact that THEY have no qualms letting my son know that they want to blame me.
    So where do I call to get the advocate to do this this time around?
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Here's a link to the Wrights Law web site that specifically address advocacy. You can search by state and much more.


    Here's the deal (and I'm sure you know all this). In order to qualify for an IEP, a student must meet a particular set of criteria determined through testing. An IEP is up for full review every three years. At any time, should a child's disability change in degree or need (and also lack of need), the IEP team can meet and discuss changing by adding to or taking away services (but you must be given prior notification and must also sign off).

    If your son was retested and they provided you with the proof (copies of the results of all his testing) that he does not meet the criteria, they have the right to remove services. If a student has some needs that can be met through accomodations or modifications on a 504 (given that said child does not meet the criteria for an IEP), one is usually written. However, you as his parent and he as the student don't have the same protection as is covered by law (IDEA). In other words, an IEP is enforceable by law whereas a 504 is basically a piece of paper with recommendations on it.

    A school system (district, etc.) cannot tell a parent that they have been required to take a student off an IEP and place them on a 504 because their state's department of education told them to do it. That's illegal.

    I think, were I in your shoes, that I would check out the link and read up about advocates and see if you can find one in your area. Your state's department of special education should also have a website and is usually a wealth of information regarding services. The law states that you should have been given a copy of your rights (well, your son's rights, under IDEA) by the child study team (or whatever your district calls the team that reviews).

    I would also be curious about the exact reason the IEP was removed. Go back and make sure that you have written documentation regarding his denial for the IEP.

    You know, schools and administrators should be in the business of making sure that all our kids are educated. Unfortunately, for every story here of quality schools and caring teachers and administrators, there are at least five like yours. It's a shame that many of us, and our kids, have to struggle so much to get what should be a given.

  3. Sheila

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    www.yellowpagesforkids.com is Pete Wright's site also. Just click on your state and it should bring up a listing. Not all on the list have advocates that work with-parents, but with-those, ask for recommendations.
  4. Ropefree

    Ropefree Banned

    Here the only offer is to give a release to an attorney without meeting the person.
    And, yes I am aware of attending educational meetings for parents to comprehend the due process to push the school to act in the law/ for the chidren.
    I want an advocate I meet and who works to this students issues. not more general education about it. Not me doing the role.
    In this county these are not here. A part-time office with advocates who come from the next county and are overburdened. Or, parent advocates who are not recommended by the people who I have attempted many times to get an advocate.
  5. Ropefree

    Ropefree Banned

    thanks for the kidsyellowpages idea. I started e-mailing all the addresses listed. And my first responder is in! It costs money I am sure to go with them but they are happy to help and who knows what glade turn of events. One has 40 years of ed experiance. My new hope is I narrow down to what can be looked into and maybe find the missing bit.
    That is what confounded me so much. No is the wrong answer.As long as they do not misunderstand me as an employer what harm can it do? Maybe getting top end experiance at baby sitter wages is the silver lining of the economy. maybe they will work for food.
  6. Sheila

    Sheila Moderator

    I just assumed you are located in the USA. If you're not, none of the info provided applies. Sorry.
  7. Ropefree

    Ropefree Banned

    Let me say it a little differently. The only advocates are located in the next county. There are no advocates who are equipt to do this in this county.
    What they do have is similar to the wrights law site trainings to aid parents to adovocate for their own child. I have done these things in the past and at this time. now, I am not willing to do so without another person involved who not only does know the laws, and can impress the facts that are central and not from some other galaxy far far away to my childs needs in school.
    If that doesn't alow you enough information to offer help, I am sorry.
    I did call the doe and no, in this county they do not offer advocates. What they do have is a phone number with a woman who answers the phone number and she does not even recommend the trainings as the two disability rights groups offer here as the are not actualizing good results.
    The hearings are mickey mouse events where the interpertations are so that the "free apropriate education " piece is specificly "not neccisarily what the student needs" the fact he is not remenial, then excludes the interpertation of the law for him. He does qualify for iep by the only testing given. but the teachers now say that when he is at below his lowest iq score that that is sufficently matching the "free and appropriate".
    again, where do I get an advocate? these are not availabale here in this county.
    Is there a number to contact or email that is not a state level? Can I contact a federal level number or email? This is not working for me. I do not wish to play merry go round with these players..I mean educators.
    And when I do have a meeting scheduled next i will not be very understanding or nice. I am finding the pretentiousness of the chipper professional faux demeanor crating. these are not committed teachers, these are people who dodge and cast blame rather than do a part of the job that involves the disabled student that they can smile and neglect with these methods.
    And I am not an advocate. I am not able to ingest the data and learn to do the para-advocate type supllimental role anylonger. It is for me inappropriate expectation of my abilities levels.
    You do not need to understand. it is ok if you do not. I just need an alternative to no advocate who is trained or honestly in the field who does understand. i do not have the ability to say so that it is understood. i dnot wish to have this frustrating position without a real advocate.
  8. Sheila

    Sheila Moderator

    #1 - I apoligize. I misread county and country.

    #2 -
    If you do not want to provide the information we need to help you, don't ask for help. I get enough "attitude" from my difficult child -- thank you.

    #3 - If advocates are not available in your area, hire an attorney that has expertise in special education law.
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