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    I am the guardian of a 12 yr old grandson. He has been diagnosed with ADHD. He constantly lies and never takes the blame for anything he does. I receive e-mails daily from his teachers about him being dishonest, cheating on test, lying and taking things that don't belong to him. We have a consultative IEP meeting scheduled. What do I need to do to arm myself and what can I expect from the meeting?
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    I'm not sure what a consultative IEP is.

    Does your grandson have an IEP now? Is he receiving any services, speech, occupational therapy, counseling, etc.?

    Who diagnosed him? Is he taking medicine? Is there a history of psychological issues in the immediate family? Do you have an advocate?

    You've found a great place to deal with all of this. Sheila and Martie know so much of this stuff.

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    I'm unclear on whether you grandson already has an IEP. Does he? If not, I recommend that you refer him for an evaluation. http://www.conductdisorders.com/com...a-formal-request-for-iep-re-evaluation.22433/ is a sample letter if you need it. Include a request for a Functional Behavioral Analysis (FBA).

    If your grandson already has an IEP for consultive purposes only, it sounds as if he needs more. If he hasn't been evaluated in a while, I'd request a full reevaluation inclusive of the FBA.

    All requests of these type need to be in writing and sent via Certified Mail. You can also hand carry it to school. Just be sure to add a signature line to the bottom of the letter such as:

    Received by


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    My grandson was diagnosed with ADHD at age 8yrs. He takes adderall xr once daily. This does pretty good most days. He doesn't like taking it for fear it will stunt his growth. Dr. states otherwise. Psychologist seems to think "Lyle" is well rounded and misunderstood. He has problems with lying, cheating and taking things that aren't his. When caught, he denies everthing. The school administrators and teachers try to make it appear as if Lyle is like all other 7th graders who are experiencing growing up. There has never been a suggestion for psychological testing of any kind. We suggested it at this point. We are nearly at our wits end. This child lost his mother tragically at 2 1/2 yrs. old and we gained custody from an abusive father at age 7yrs. There has been no other diagnosis but ADHD. After asking for a psycological exam, we have been scheduled for a consultative IEP meeting with the psychologist and the Sp. Ed. teachers. Acdemically, he is pretty sound when focused, but has a hard time with short term memory.
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    Co-existing conditions with ADHD is the norm rather than the exception. (Yes, the school district knows this.) https://web.archive.org/web/2006123...ng.org/pdfs/2200_7-barktran.pdf?date=11-14-00 might be a good resource for you.

    Children from abusive backgrounds typically have at least some additional problems (which can include PTSD).

    If you feel that the sd needs to reevaluate your child, you can ask for it. He may also need an FBA. As always, do it in writing and via Certified Mail. There are sample letters in the Sp Ed Archives if you need them.

    Let us know how your meeting goes.