Where is everyone? Holiday plans?


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Wow...I quit posting and this place gets all quiet! That's right, it's all about me. :tongue:

Just thought I'd pop in and see what everyone is up to this holiday season. Any big plans?

Jabber and I are doing VEGAS BABY! :xmasdancers: Not our first Vegas Christmas - we went a few years back when the boy first moved out and said he wasn't coming home. Of course he DID and then ended up spending Christmas all alone...but that's the way the cookie crumbles. This year of course he's in Colorado with the wifey and that leaves us all alone again. Love our empty nest most of the time...but sometimes it's awfully quiet.

So this weekend I jokingly said, "We should do Vegas again" and lo and behold - flights were dirt cheap and hotels even cheaper! So off we fly on the 23rd and back on the 27th. Skipping Christmas...that's us! Well really we'll probably go see a show on Christmas day or some other treat but it's different than sitting home with our boring little Xmas tree I didn't even bother to put up and watching TV. That would be our norm.

I'm excited. I love Vegas. :lights:

Anyone else doing anything special?


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Your plans sound fabulous!!

My hubby, son (former Difficult Child and still a bit of a Difficult Child at times) and I are going to a hotel/casino in Biloxi (one hour from here) for a huge Christmas brunch/dinner spread they have every year and it's right on the beach! Too cold to dip a toe in (50's here but I ain't complaining as it is 16 degrees in Chicago today!!). But the beach is pretty and we are going to take a picture of us three with the beach as our background and I'm posting it to FB to make our Chicago friends jealous!!! LOL

On Christmas Eve we are having a neighbor couple over for a ham and whatever else we make. They are alone Christmas Eve and since it's us three alone we said what the heck, just come on over!

We will miss our two older sons but hope to visit Chicago in March 2020. Truth be told I'm sure we miss them more than they miss us.

Merry Christmas and I hope that everyone on this board finds some Christmas joy this year!!



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We plan on going to a few Christmas parties. I go to one special one each year about 45 minutes from where I live, they have a live band and a lot of different and good food. People dress up real fancy and dance. I met the girl that is giving the party on a long bike ride, I was riding through a wooded trail and saw her on the trail, we rode together for many miles. The ride went by so fast and I enjoyed her company. Years later we are still friends and we get an invite to her wonderful party each year. We have been going to a few parties here and there, my husband had a work party in a building that was built in the 1920s, it was remodeled and it was such a great place, they kept a lot of the original look to the building. I thought it was a bit odd how they did not have food on a table but people walking around with trays of food you just grab off of. We looked at our watch and it was way late before we left.
We will probably do a Christmas eve lunch with our daughter, and a Christmas day lunch. We usually go for a long walk or some kind of exercise afterwards..

RN, Just being near the beach should be very healing especially on Christmas.
Hope you all have a blessed and happy time.

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How fun Lil!! Good for you and Jabber.
We will go into Chicago to spend the day with sister in law. It's an off year for me so we won't be hosting.
Just got a huge box sent off yesterday for my grands. Their momma is so good about taking videos of the kids opening their gifts and sharing them with me. As much as I would love to spend a holiday with them, I would not want to impose. We went out and saw them in October. Even though the only blood relation is my 2 grands, my former daughter in law and her new husband could not have been more welcoming to us. I am truly blessed.
Hey, you guys have a great time in Vegas!!!


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Hubby and I will be spending Christmas Eve with his family and Christmas Day with my mom. Pretty low key this year. Miss KT was here for Thanksgiving (and we totally rocked Black Friday!) so won't be home for Christmas.


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My daughter and the grands come over tomorrow to bake cookies. Christmas Eve we all get together and go to church. Church is very serious and fun for us...midnight mass with candles. Christmas will be held on the weekend. Amy works many holidays, even Christmas, so we wait for her. Rick will come over on Christmas with his girlfriend, but no Christmas dinner without Amy.

Jaden will be there!!! My little angel!!! He is such a challenge but such a loving joy.

Merry Christmas in advance to all!


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Jess, my mom and I are meeting my inlaws at husband's grave on Monday (the marker was just placed). Then on Christmas we will go to my parents for a while (late lunch/early dinner type thing). We are all pretty much not looking forward to the holidays this year. I am sure that Wiz will meet us for some part of the day at my parents, but other than that he wants to be alone. That is how he copes and I understand. Jess is baking like crazy and we are pretty much buried under all the yummy stuff she has made.


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I’m happy to report that we had a successful Holiday brunch early December. I wanted to have a party last year, but changed my mind. I had it catered and it went better than my wildest dreams. The food was out of this world. I had neighbors (new as we moved here two years ago), friends (some new) and a few relatives.

Our child who brought me here is coming to town tomorrow. We are all going to a nice restaurant. We had her at a hotel last year. That was helpful. Ugh. I’m a tad concerned as we are not doing that this year. She can be very difficult.

Christmas Eve will be just our daughter and a friend of the family who doesn’t have anyone to celebrate with. I’ll make some homemade favorites.

Christmas morning our son and his family are coming. We open presents and there us a traditional breakfast that goes with that too!

We have a short trip planned later on after Christmas and are hoping it will snow.

Happy holidays to all!:santa::gingerbread: