Where is the love?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by upallnight, Aug 7, 2007.

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    At the moment I feel like a complete failure as a mom. My kids do not show any kindness towards me at all. I mean the easy child. I was away for 4 days with my dragonboat team. When I came home the kids wouldn't even come out of their rooms to say hello, then I gave them t-shirts from my trip(all they said on them was the state I went to), they said they didn't want it. Why are they so rude? To them everything I say is so disdainful. It hurts. Whatever I say is the worst thing ever to them. Normally I feel if I'm extra kind to them, they'll stop it. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. It is wearing me down. The rest of my life is so fulfilling, but right now- I feel like I don't even want to come in my own house. I can't leave because who would make dinner? Who would drive to football? etc...
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    Ahhh Sorry the teens are being pains in the tushy.

    Maybe you should become invisible to everyone who doesnt treat you with respect. Just ignore them completely and dont do a thing for anyone who treats you that way. Dont give them the niceties that you have been. See what happens.
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    I am kinda going through thesame thisg with my easy child. In general not alot of respect going on right? Well my husband decided that if this is going to be a game, maybe we can learn to be the same way back. Try it. What do you have to loose? they arent hurting in any way in how they are treating you.

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    Try this...

    find out what would happen if you did not make dinner? You h ave time before school starts and schedules are a bigger priority. Just don't make dinner. Clue husband in to your plan. See what the ingrates have to say about that.

    See what happens if they don't get a ride to football...maybe they will appreciate you more.

    See where I am going with this? I had the same problem with Copper. I stopped bringing her where she needed to go. She shaped up real quick.
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    Sadly, husband is more helpless then any of them. He is a good man, but maybe we could trade houses. Who lives near Jersey? Janet, I'm already invisible-I am gonna start taking computers out of their rooms for cursing at me. This will be something new as I've never done this.(I'll give it 2 hours before the both of them are without their computers) BBK, I wasn't here for 4 days. Nobody ate anything other than snacks and cereal. Even husband. They wait me out. Or they one up me. I also think alot of it is the fact that they are nothing like difficult child, so whatever they did do I let slide for so long because in comparison, we were always dealing with much bigger issues. Of course it's come back to haunt me. It's dysfunction city over here. I'm serious about the computer thing-wish me luck-Alyssa